"Just dopple it already," her mother said frustratedly.  "You'll 
never learn your skills unless you learn how to take from 
others."  Djen sighed and tried again.  She failed, but she kept
trying.  Finally, success!  She had learned a new skill!  It had
taken her a few hours, but her persistence paid off.  Soon, she
was running around the realms trying to learn every skill and 
spell that she could.  She already knew how to grow weird things
out of her body like eyestalks, fins, wings, and claws, even 
extra arms, when ncessary! 

Djen was truly a learner.  She was able to learn a lot, but 
never able to master the entire skill set of a certain class,
but with her multi-talents, she became respected for her 
fighting ability throughout the lands.
Members of this class are not allowed to customize their 
characters, and new skills and spells cannot be gained by normal 

See: form memory, dopple, advanced dopple, talents, grow parts, mutate body.

Prime Stat: Int

See Showclass Morpheous.
Spells/Skills for morpheous:
Level 1   : axe               Level 1   : dagger            
Level 1   : dopple            Level 1   : grow parts        
Level 1   : hand to hand      Level 1   : hide              
Level 1   : lore              Level 1   : mace              
Level 1   : peek              Level 1   : polearm           
Level 1   : refresh           Level 1   : recall            
Level 1   : rescue            Level 1   : search            
Level 1   : sneak             Level 1   : spear             
Level 1   : sword             Level 7   : dirt kicking      
Level 7   : fast healing      Level 10  : rub               
Level 15  : form memory       Level 15  : kick              
Level 15  : second attack     Level 19  : berserk           
Level 20  : trip              Level 25  : detect invis      
Level 25  : farsight          Level 25  : third attack      
Level 28  : disarm            Level 30  : detect hidden     
Level 30  : smother           Level 30  : vitality          
Level 31  : parry             Level 35  : blindness         
Level 35  : backstab          Level 35  : bash              
Level 35  : dodge             Level 39  : stone skin        
Level 40  : curse             Level 40  : circle            
Level 40  : faerie fire       Level 40  : flail             
Level 43  : agility           Level 43  : cure disease      
Level 45  : advanced dopple   Level 45  : dual wield        
Level 45  : haste             Level 46  : cure blindness    
Level 47  : cure poison       Level 50  : bladebarrier      
Level 50  : bless             Level 50  : cancellation      
Level 50  : debilitate        Level 50  : feed              
Level 50  : giant strength    Level 50  : scrolls           
Level 50  : staves            Level 50  : wands             
Level 55  : faerie fog        Level 55  : 2nd dual          
Level 60  : shockshield       Level 62  : iron spikes       
Level 62  : protection neutralLevel 65  : lightning bolt    
Level 65  : mutate body       Level 65  : sonic wave        
Level 70  : chain lightning   Level 70  : earthbind         
Level 70  : whip              Level 72  : true sight        
Level 74  : pass door         Level 75  : breach            
Level 75  : sanctuary         Level 75  : sonicshield       
Level 75  : stun              Level 81  : heal              
Level 81  : iron shard        Level 87  : slow              
Level 90  : protection evil   Level 90  : protection good   
Level 91  : dispel magic      Level 96  : fourth attack     
Level 101 : chameleon         Level 101 : fifth attack      
Level 101 : gate
Syntax: form
        form memorize <victim>
        form discard <victim>

This skill allows a morpheous to memorize a creatures form. After
a form is memorized the morpheous can dopple into the form without
the creature being present. This skill allows the morpheous to have
instant access to a variety of useful forms. Typeing form with no
arguments will show a list of all the forms currently memorized. 
The number of forms that can be memorized at one time is limited. 
Form discard can be used to forget forms, allowing alternative forms
to be memorized.

See also: 'help dopple'
Syntax: Dopple [victim]
Syntax: Dopple [self]

(Special Note)
Dopple is the base skill of the morpheous.  The skill allows them
to duplicate a creatures form. The process of duplication is exacting,
the changling takes on almost all physical aspects of the victim. The
victim of the dopple must be present, unless their form has been memorized
(see form memory). Doppling a creature is an unnerving event to the victim
and will surely result in combat unless performed successfully. After a
creature is doppled, the morpheous can use the 'talents' command to
inspect the abilities of their new form.  Duplicating very healthy
creatures or creatures blessed with natural armor can have additional
benefits.  'Dopple self' can be used by a doppled morpheous to revert back
to his or her true form.

For help on the morpheous class, use 'HELP CLASS_MORPHEOUS'

This skill enhances a the dopple skill. Upon successful use
of the advanced dopple skill the form doppled will be nearly 
unrecognizable from the original creature, unless the morpheous
is carefully examined. This skill is used automatically whenever the
dopple skill is successfully used.

See also help: 'SKILL_DOPPLE'
This command shows a doppled character the abilities of the form
they have taken. A yellow star next to a skill designates that the
skill is not yet known by the dopple, and may be learned as the
morpheous' familiarity with the form grows.  Any special abilities
specific to the form will be listed after its skills, along with the
command needed to use each ability.
= means you can use the dopples skill but not learn it yet

See also help: 'SKILL_DOPPLE'
Syntax: grow
        grow <part>
        grow all

The skill allows a morpheous to grow a variety of useful limbs.
The limbs that can be grown depends on the level of the morpheous.

    Less than 10th level - Eyestalks.
    At least 10th level  - Fins.
    At least 20th level  - Scales.
    At least 30th level  - Wings.
    At least 40th level  - Claws.

Typing grow with no arguments will show the parts you have grown,
and a list of parts you are capable of growing. 

            ** Not all forms can grow all parts **

Typing 'grow all' will grow all parts possible, restricted by the
morpheous' current form and condition.  Growing parts is exhausgint
to the morpehous.  All parts that have been grown are lost and must
be regrown when a new form is doppled or the morpheous takes
his or her true form.

This skill allows a changeling to mutate his or her body during
combat to avoid an opponents attacks. It takes a very experienced
morpheous to perform this skill, and even then they can rarely
react quickly enough to successfully avoid attacks. Mutate body is
used automatically in combat.
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