Mud History

Muds, or multi-user dungeons, are loosely based on Dungeons and Dragons. In a nutshell, you pick a race and a class and specialize in skills and/or spells to reach the highest level. For a comprehensive history on MUDs and MUDding, please visit:

Devil's Silence was created in August of 1997 by Alecca. It it based on RoT 1.4. It is a pure pk mud, meaning that players kill other players as well as mobiles (or mobs).

The role play history of the mud is provided also:

Since the beginning of time there has existed a base struggle between
the forces of good and the forces of evil.  Until now.

Long ago, the land was dominated by two major immortal forces, one, the 
champion of good (whose name has been lost in the ages), and the Devil,
champion of evil.  Within their immortal hordes were angels, demons and
all other forms of magical beings.  Eternally they warred, never
winning, never losing.  Little did they realize that their true power
lied in their mortal followers.  Neither of the two paid any attention
to the mortal plane..allowing it to fall to chaos.  This only increased
the power of the Devil, for as the land became more chaotic in nature,
the true evil of man's heart became known.  By the time the champion of
good had noticed this, it was too late.  His power had dwindled too 
much and there was little left he could do.  Evil had won out and the
Devil ruled the realms, both immortal and mortal.

What followed can only be termed as hell.  The Devil turned the world 
into a torturous experience for mankind, forcing the masses to work and
slave their lives away.  Whisperings of rebellion were heard throughout
the mortal realm.  Gradually these whisperings grew into a roar.  The
people of the realm were not looking to fight for good, but to fight
against evil.  It was rumored that the Devil had lost his immortality 
during the great battle with his nemesis.  It was the truth of this 
rumor that a group of powerful wizards were staking their lives on.
These wizards had been born and raised in magical seclusion.  No one
knows their exact origins, only that they existed.  This group of
wizards, known simply as the Seven, fought their way into the Devil's 
immense castle and there engaged a magnificent battle.  They gathered
their collective energy and cast a suicide spell on the Devil, sending
him and six of their members into oblivion.

This magical cataclysm tore the world asunder, shattering any concept 
of time or space.  Everything was shifted and torn from their rightful
places. The world left from this is a nexus, combining places and
people from times and worlds beyond.  Into this realm stepped the only
one of the ancient Seven to survive the grand battle with the Devil, 
Lady Alecca.  She vowed to try and restore what order they could in
this new realm. She assumed the role of the gods and forged into this
world left by the Devil's Silence.
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