It is well past midnight, the streets are almost barren of people. Drunks and other 
revelers are making their way home from a night of partying. Guards walk the streets 
oblivious to him. He hides deep in the shadows of the buildings waiting for his prey 
to emerge from the Drunken Dragon Tavern. He has been hired to assassinate the most 
powerful and rich man in all the lands. This is his job, he personally does not know 
the man, nor does he care to. He thinks only of the rest of the money he will get 
once the job is finished. He fingers his whip lightly, almost casually, yet he is 
prepared to strike at any time. His victim emerges from the tavern, stumbling 
slightly. He follows the man as he makes his way home, stalking. The man stops to 
rest under a bright street lamp, looking up at the crescent moon above. He strikes 
fast and hard, leaving his victim a bloody, dead mess. Removing the man's signet 
ring, he walks away, anticipating the platinum coins he will get for his nights work.
Ninjas live by honor and kill by stealth, taking pride in the fact that no one can 
see them coming. They live for the quick kill and get paid to assassinate prominent 
noblemen and merchants. Stealth is the key with them, as any spotted ninja is obliged 
to kill himself, or so the stories about them go, but who knows? They may just use 
their knowledge to disappear and fake their deaths, re-emerging later to exact 
revenge. Ninjas hide among the populace as bakers, merchants, noblemen, and priests, 
waiting for their prey to give them the perfect opportunity, then striking from the 
shadows, slaying them and collecting their money. You could be sitting next to one in 
the donation room, or standing next to one in the shops throughout the realms.. 
passing them on the street and not even knowing it. You could even be their next 
target... They start their training at birth, running long distances, making it at 
least five miles without rest before age seven, and can walk on wet rice paper 
without leaving any marks. They can endure extreme elements and have been known to 
meditate under ice cold waterfalls and enjoy it, or wait in silence, not moving or 
blinking for hours, even days. 

Prime Stat: Dex

See: Showclass Ninja.
Spells/Skills for ninja:
Level 1   : agility           Level 1   : dagger            
Level 1   : flail             Level 1   : forge             
Level 1   : katana            Level 1   : lore              
Level 1   : recall            Level 1   : spellbane         
Level 1   : sword             Level 3   : dual wield        
Level 5   : disarm            Level 5   : parry             
Level 7   : second attack     Level 10  : dodge             
Level 10  : envenom           Level 10  : garotte           
Level 10  : peek              Level 15  : fast healing      
Level 15  : hand to hand      Level 15  : sneak             
Level 20  : dirt kicking      Level 20  : rub               
Level 20  : shuriken          Level 21  : haste             
Level 21  : strike            Level 27  : third attack      
Level 30  : hide              Level 30  : offhand           
Level 30  : pick lock         Level 30  : search            
Level 30  : smother           Level 32  : kick              
Level 35  : invisibility      Level 40  : earthbind         
Level 40  : trip              Level 50  : purify            
Level 50  : smokescreen       Level 50  : staves            
Level 50  : throw             Level 60  : fourth attack     
Level 70  : blind sight       Level 70  : scrolls           
Level 70  : 2nd dual          Level 75  : counterattack     
Level 75  : shadow step       Level 90  : wands             
Level 91  : dragon strength   Level 91  : strangle          
Level 101 : assassinate       Level 101 : kagami            
Level 101 : stealth           Level 101 : 3rd dual
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