Phoenix Fire
SPELL                        Group: Weaves
When the elements of fire and air are combined, it channels the
scorching flames through jets of air, creating devastating magicks.
However, such magic only chars those who are enemies to nature, as no
blade of grass will be singed by these spells.

Heatwave:   This is a moderately powerful fire spell that engulfs the
            area with intense heat.

Wildfire:   Wildfire is a powerful spell that contains both fire and
            air properties.  It is also capable of blinding opponents
            with flames.

Phoenix Fire: This conjures the embers of the phoenix to deal damage to 
              foes, but it does massive damage to golems and undead.

Inferno Flames: This spell enhances the caster's fighting abilities
                and magical resistances in exchange for less mana.

Classes and levels for phoenix fire:
druid       : 90  elder       : 90
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