Plains Of Nether
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ Plains of Nether ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
At one time Satan was known as one of the most powerful entities of evil; then
his kingdom came crashing down upon him.  The demon Todesengel, the father of
fear and the lord of terror, over ran the vast armies of Satan.  Tearing the
already fiery realms asunder, this new breed of demons and dreadlords has taken
over everything that was known as Hell.  The landscape was reborn in a darker,
more chaotic realm shrouded in black mist.  Todesengel now resides over this new
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ Plains of Nether ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: Hero            Builder: Arutha

From Solennir: 9wn2wd2wnd
(There is also a portal in Suspended Kingdom)

Portal:  sd3ne
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