Potion List
Aqua Potion The Fortress/Zinifibus 60/70 Farsight
Bottle of embalming fluid The Black Pyramid/Luthalian Necromancer 101/101 Poison Curse Blindness nd11nu6esn4wuneu2d4endn
Bottle of magical elixir Drow Fortress/Ranxit 61/75 Giant Strength nd11nu4ese2se10ne9n4w4n2w3se3nde
Cracked Vial Gnome Factory/Confused or Boss Gnomes 101/101 Heal Heal 9wn2wd2wnw2nedwu
Crystal blue potion Trillium Caverns/Tower Guard 60/60 Cure Poison Cure Blindness 9es2e2swds2e2swd3e
Dark Murky potion Ironmountain Keep/Orc Shaman Cure Blindness Cure Disease 10sw4se5se3s3u2en2es
Dusty Potion Gnome Factory/Lazy Gnome 101/102 Sanctuary 9wn2wd2wnw2nwnd2w
Dwarven Regenerist Lost Hold of Kholem Renk Ghaz/Bewildered Centurion 101/101 Mass Healing Mass Healing 10sw4se5se3s3uws2en3en4ene2se2dw13se
Dwarven Vengeance Lost Hold of Kholem Renk Ghaz/Bewildered Centurion 70/70 Poison 10sw4se5se3s3uws2en3en4ene2se2dw13se
Energy Elixir Gnome Factory/in room "An Inventing Room" 90/90 Haste Haste
Fizzing potion
Frosty Potion of Attack
Frosty Potion of Enhancement
Frosty Potion of Healing
Frosty Potion of Healing
Frosty Potion of Protection
Frosty Potion of Remedy
Glacial potion of protection
Glowing blue potion of protection
Gryphon Might
Gryphon's prayer
Gypsy Tonic of Enhancement
Gypsy Tonic of Illusion
Gypsy Tonic of Protection
Gypsy Tonic of Purification
Head-Clearing Potion
Hero's nofear brew
Hunters brew
Icewater potion of restore
Icy potion of heal
Jar of formaldehyde
Lotus wine
Misty Concoction
Murkey Potion
Murkey Potion
Murkey Potion
Murky Brew
Natures cleansing
Pain Potion
Pale blue potion of enhancement
Phantom Brew
Potion labeled "Chaos"
Potion labeled "Endurant Stud"
Potion labeled "Maidens Kiss"
Potion of cure blindness
Potion of divine combat
Potion of divine protection
Potion of Fortification
Potion of regeneration
Potion of restoration
Potion to Cure Battle Wounds
Prayers of [Sin]
Red dragon blood
Rejuvenation elixir
Rose Wine
Sandy Mixture
Shadowy Vial
Shot of something "creamy"
Soaring Potion
Some estrogen tonic
Soul Potion (Blue)
Soul Potion (Red)
Soul Potion (Yellow)
Stagnant Gulf Water
Stagnant Potion
Vial of holy water
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