Programming Team Notes

Programming Team Notes
This information is the visibility map for the programming team. This information will change weekly after the wrap of every regular staff meeting.



(Replace with current task for tracking purposes)


Witch, Vampire, Kensei - create/or finish
Morphs/Sensei back in

Serokin's Notes


(Replace with current task for tracking purposes)


Current Tasklist

Jaelen Renews
-Currently cost 100 platinum, previously 10

- Snap spells that players can use per class to streamline their buffing process and get them back into the game faster
- would require a way to pull data from class tables
- should be a new command that borrows similar functionality, 'Buff', and without arguement (determines spell list to grant based on player class)
- Player version would instantly cast 100% versions of available class buffs and spells, for no mana.

-Bring them back for player created content
-Tune Prices for easy acquisition, half the current prices and possibly create many easy addons (custom simple mprogs, etc)
-Features like one way hallway exits to MS, unsafe but recallable, and must be linked to an unseen object somewhere in Midgaard (more plat/aqp for other areas)

-Possibly audit or revert, depending on case by case
-May not be relevant since codebase reversion

Restring Bug
-Remove ability to restring a name on an object
-Perhaps create a rule, cannot change existing but can add and obfuscate short name

Dispel Messages NEEDS TESTING
-Sanctuary, haste, sometimes had no message, etc
-Are all spells working consistently when dispelled? (haste, slow, curse, bless)
-Investigate other dispel/maladiction/rebuffing messages during combat (consistency check)

Hush on Jaelen
-Programmatic issue, needs to be coded, cannot be added as an affect
-Secondary: Jaelen's spell list (expensive utility/class spells, shields for cheap aqp etc)
—-Investigate accessible/affordable options for player spells from healer (Discuss with Development)

Spell Buff +Stat and Utility Revision
-Using buffs for +stat stacking and other utility purposes
-Currently buffs are largely used to avoid sanctuary being dispelled from randomized due to the current dispel mechanic
-Max stackable statistics are currently +137 maximum per stat from gear and buffs
Examples include:
-Giant Str for stacking 80 Str
-Haste for stacking 80 Dex
-Bless for res magic? and maybe more saves
-Other spells like armor (bash, slash, pierce AC 300) and shield (magic AC 300)can be tuned and made more utility.
-Some spells could be added as maladictions that create 1000 ac 'vulnerabilities' (effectively enhanced damage based on preliminary research) based on AC
-Class spells will need to be revised as a separate task, but could probably be reserved for class flavor and held off for class revisions.

Fireproof All

Duplicate Spells for Classes:
-get rid of duplicate spells (cure crit/weak/light for bishops for example)
—-Brainstorming w/ Nevalis: Make all spells learnable at level 1 for each class (since the levelling content is nerfed currently)

-not all are useful, require components etc

-needs to be tested what works and what needs tuning)

TRACK Revamp
-Bring back track? other ideas for chasing gameplay mechanics
-May be an old task from old codebase

Teitiach [IMM]: imm spellup doesn't have farsight? wtf, lol
-(Alecca says) so nosf and pass on creation

Dispel Magic + Auto Sever NEEDS TESTING
-Have sanc dispel perform auto-sever for a few rounds
-May need tuning, have heard it lasts too long/too short (try to normalize duration a bit)

Wardancer - COUP Finishing Strike
Add finisher move (Coup) similar to gash, better hit rate but lower damage
-Needs additional TESTING

Paladin - POUND low-medium Damage strike
Add flee-daze skill (Pound): low-medium damage
-Needs to be finished

Bring them back
Show dopple elemental res/abs/imm/vuln in talent view
May need to balance mobs to avoid overpowered dopples.
-Tabled for appropriate planning

Allanon: forage
Fri Apr 13 00:19:32 2012
To: all julian
if foraging in a room and one of the two components is already maxed
the other component should yield double the output
also, could the timer be cut down like on the other mud
-Migrated to programming tasks

Drop All.OBject
-Code needs clean up
-Currently does not drop all of a name class, needs testing

-Combine Betrayer and Marauder archetypes into single class

Repent Align
-Change increment to 100 per use

(MAJOR PROJECT) Levelling and Skillbuilding Revamp (MAJOR PROJECT)
-Tabled in lieu of higher priority issues for the time being

Player Calls
-Duration needs testing/tweaking

-Player Suggestion of 3 Flags Max

Improving creation
Enable "help race_" at the race selection screen, sometimes I forget what's what and what I want
to be for what reason.
Bring back "add all"
Knight needs "parrying blade" put into weaponsmaster
Make the default class groups actuall be useful, 40 CPs of useful skills/spellgroups for each class for newbies
if you implement "add all" at creation can you make sure it doesnt add the class default as well
was REALLY pumping up the tnl's before

-Need Regen and Enhanced Damage again

-Skill Tokens make these slightly more powerful due to lack of necessary skillbuilding

-Player suggestion of removing the skull cost in order to make more appealing gameplay

Quaff with a PK Flag
-Concern over things getting out of hand unless 1 round lag is attached
-Needs staff brainstorm/consensus

Damage Types on Weapons/Shortnames

Disarm in Arena
-Removes to Inventory

Warforge for Fabricated Weapons
-Cost 1500 AQP but allow 4 flags
-Idea for QEQ custom weapon

-Remove necessity to harvest souls to be effective

Guardian Cancels
-Used for cancelling Guardian Calls

This is a rough idea but there should be a way to individually cancel calls or
have calls override. So instead of it cutting you off at 5 it just overrides the first one you c
The idea being that there is no set configuration of calls that is good for
every single class that you fight.

Spell Damtypes/Helpfiles
Perhaps we could have spell damtypes in corresponding helpfiles?
If we're going for transparency as an overarching theme that is.

Bio Flesh (Seer Skill)
Player Report:
the seer skill bio flesh should overwrite existing armor buff.

Skill-up Message
It would be cool if you got a little (%) message at the end up of your
skillup message that said what that skill currently is at.
Example: You learn from your mistakes, and your magic fist skill improves. (88%)

Recasting Affects
If an affect isn't at max hours, perhaps recasting it could replenish the affect ticks.

-Wearable affect version is currently not being effective
-Needs testing and verification

Guardian calls
-cancel calls and/or
-have calls override
-instead of it cutting you off at 5 override the first one cast

-It seems to last for a heck of a long time.
-should be round based instead of tick based

Identify spell
-Should share the same forced lag as Lore

Forget added to include Notes (NT)

EQ tokens
-Staff Comments: We feel this is not currently a good idea before other projects are completed.

Battle Align (Align Lock)

Bishops - Remove Align
-Needs to be re-added to class abilities

Cold/Earth flags on weapons used by mobs
-Should not have destructive effects on items when used by mobs
-Flaming, Shocking, Acidic, Frost

Lava golem
** Duration change to 50 ticks

Arena Wager
make it so that if you type astat prior to wagering, you can no longer wager?
add to helpfile to reflect changes

Group and Recall
-Resting and Sleeping should disregard follow when grouped players recall

Receptacle All

Repair command
-Get rid of Repair + arguements and just make it a base command to repair all

-Should include size vs your character
-Could really be expanded, could be posted as a wiki discussion
-Hits harder than you (hit/dam), is more armored than you (ac), looks sturdier (hp), looks more devout (saves)

Psychic Healing
-Needs to include ebola/disease effects

Prompt - Tells Stored Option

should be cancelled if you hit an aggie mob

IQ Flag MProg
Anyway to protect players from gaining a killed flag, losing affects, and producing a corpse if
an mprog initiates a kill on a player with IQ flag on?
This happens through both the mob kill command and mob damage <min> <max> lethal command.

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