Syntax: pyrokinesis <ability> <target>

Pyrokinesis, the ability to call, control and even manipulate fire.
As with Electrokinesis and Telekinesis, this skill is divided into four 

(Redsteel)  Invoking this ability will heat an opponent's weapon to
            dangerously high temperatures.  As a result, this often
            causes the victim to drop it.

(Flamebolt) This will release a gout of fire at any target.

(Firestorm) Firestorm unleashes searing flames all around the area.

(Inferno)   A skill done by desperate mystics.  It will engulf
            opponents in burning embers that will continue to damage
            them even after combat has ended.

Special note - read help skill_smother.

Classes and levels for pyrokinesis:
mystic      : 50  seer        : 30
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