There are three types of quests here at Devil's Silence.  Immortal quests 
(aka iquests) that are run by Immortals and Auto quests (aka aquests)
that you get from the questmaster in Solennir. For more information on
either of the quest types refer to following help files: 'Help iquest',
'Help aquest' 'help squest', where more information can be found.

Fair warning:  Levelling, helping someone to level, pking, mob killing 
under an IQUEST flag is illegal and will be punished.  Read the MOTD
policy on rules:  Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.


               BUY, SELL, CONVERT, QUIT]

If you find a questmaster, you can request him to send you on a personal
quest. This quest will consist of killing a mob or recovering a
lost piece of equipment. The rewards for completing the quest will be
worthwhile, however, you need to complete the quest within a certain 
period of time.

Also, completed quests give you questpoints, which you can use to buy 
*very special* equipment from the questmaster. (Due to having two types of
quest points on Devil's Silence AQUEST points- generated by the
questmaster, and IQUEST points - IMMORTAL run quest rewards, which are
theoretically less frequent, 100 AQUEST are equal to 1 IQUEST point.

Quest request       Requests a new quest from the questmaster.
Quest complete      Gives you the reward for a completed quest.
Quest info          Gives you some information about the current quest.
Quest points        States your number of questpoints.
Quest buy           See below.
Quest convert       Converts 1 IQUEST point to 100 AQUEST points.

Please note, Some Quests are NOT meant to be completed.
When you quest, it is the luck of the draw, and it may turn out that you
can't complete your quest. Unfortunately, that's just the way things
are. Quests are not just supposed to be a free license to buy Devil's
Silence quest equipment.

Also, please understand that IMMORTALS will not assist with quests.

Be warned that attempting to cast invisibility, or similar spells, on 
a questmaster is considered very anti-social. Quest points can not be
transferred between players.

See 'HELP QUEST_BUY' for syntaxes to buy quest points.
You can find the questmaster 5es from Market Square.


Syntax: iquest          Turns your quest flag on.
        iquest <on|off> Imms only, turns global quest flag on/off.

The quest flag identifies players participating in a quest.  It also
protects the player during a quest, by making them non-pkill.

The quest flag can only be set when the global quest flag is on, and
can not be turned off until you either quit and relog, or the quest has
been completed.  Upon the completion of the quest, the flag will be
turned off automatically when the global quest flag is removed.

When the global quest flag is on, a message will be displayed at the
bottom of the 'who' list.

Abuse of the quest flag will not be tolerated.  If you do not wish to
participate in a quest AFTER turning on your quest flag RELOG to remove
the flag. Abuse of the quest flag can result in at minimum being 
cornered for the duration of the quest. 

Do NOT aquest while you are on an iquest.

See also 'HELP QUEST_BUY' to see what you may purchase with any quest 
points you may receive.

Levelling under an iquest flag is forbidden, do NOT do it, you will be
cornered if caught.
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