These two elements are particularly potent when combined as their 
effects can literally stop foes in their tracks.  The full extent of 
these abilities are unknown as people who have combated against this
combination have been rumored to have been swallowed by the earth 

Quicksand: A spell that turns solid rock into a pool of sand.  Those
           who are caught in this will experience sluggishness.

Fountain of Youth: This causes a small rift in the earth, which is 
                   then filled pure water that contains restorative

Sands of Sleep:    This spell fills the area with a sweet, tranquil
                   aroma, which soothes opponents, and lulls them into
                   a deep sleep.

Erosion:   As the name of the spell implies, it eats away at the earth
           with water, making it difficult to flee from combat.  This
           effect is amplified if cast in a water area.


Classes and levels for quicksand:
elder       : 100
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