Quotable Quotes

These are the gems found and recorded by several players in the interest of humor and total embarrassment.

The first section is recent quotes, and the second is from the archives.

Nevalis [IMM]: I almost trusted a fart, glad I didn't

[HRO Storm Bmg ] Three,Two Wanbai

[Alecca OOC] maybe Argus and Jesus should talk :P
[Argus OOC] its been so long
[Alecca OOC] have a cum to Jesus moment

(Argus says) i have remorted so many times that i have to just type dragon and wait for the suprirse

[Praibas OOC] That's fine my face is used to dicks.

(Argus tell) i out of shape or I would be a stripper

(Kermit tell) sorry, asked leto to grab my sack

[Raesha OOC] I just didn't realize
[Xeyer OOC] lol
[Raesha OOC] Cause I'm a sweden
[ToNo Avael OOC] such a sweden
[Raesha OOC] "a sweden"
[Xeyer OOC] :P
[Alecca OOC] such a country

[ToNo Avael OOC] haha

[I'mTwo Knothree OOC] lol

Famine [IMM]: I like the Ass. Prod.

[Souge OOC] then when im done here i get to go to class to look at dicks

[ICan't Eibwen OOC] fuck that guy

[1 Lizar Wrd ] TooMuchAnalMakesYourAss Lucio

[EXE DWEEB ] (Killed) AMaleQueefIsCalledA Queb https://discord.gg/0uUkTCw2nUxK3mn5

(Sabin says) id rather lick the inside of a toilet bowl after a laxative convention

[Zook OOC] I'm a geneus

[Tyranthin OOC] i particularly like watching extreme makeover weight loss edition

[Zook OOC] I went by the next day and someone took my boxers I used to wipe with and covered the scene of the crime

[Tyranthin OOC] i've had multiple dreams recently where i thought i was farting but i was actually shitting myself

[Tyranthin OOC] going to have to start working on the hard pants droppers soon :(

(Tomio says) This'll be my first char w/ pants!

Serokin [IMM]: Moreso I need to be able to cut/hammer/screw/finish the wood
Alecca [IMM]: you need to screw the wood?!
Nevalis [IMM]: and finish it off

Nevalis [IMM]: the lake it's mainly about just going down

(Kermit tell) can you give me a crotch?

(SW) [Dex OOC] im secpail because my name's Dex

Serokin [IMM]: How are skunks not cute?

Nevalis [IMM]: was hoping for a quiet day, but already got whiny e-mails
Nevalis [IMM]: it's like being an imm, irl

(Kermit tell) got a joker and a crotch

(Faye says) trying to suck up powder from my belly button

(Nevalis says) nothing like shoving my face full of salty nuts

[Daikas OOC] i was doing whacks but i do that with my other weapons

-> Spam spam spam Jole spam spam spam spam spam!
-> Bj

(Testfaye says) i'll do a merryman

(Kermit tell) can zyos and I link our hoses?

(Solidus tell) but cowboy mask tho?
(Alecca tell) 'seers have to wear "chatte" on their heads, which is french for pussy'

[1 Auror Pln ] WhenBarbieBrokeUpWithHimSheSaid Aduken

(Nevalis says) and i can no longer put my toaster nex to the bath tub of water, for shame

[Jole OOC] hey was afk just woke up was jerking off lol

(Kermit tell) good lick
(Kermit tell) i mean flicj

[JustOneLookIsAllIt Zook OOC] maybe I should just stay logged in 23/7

[Jole OOC] selfish wake me in guild hall i slept my self spamming sleep on you

(Kermit tell) i was wondering that when i fingered him

[Dampyiel OOC] failed rub 9x so far.
[Dampyiel OOC] woot 10th time is a charm
[Alecca OOC] you're supposed to rub your eyes, not your dick
[Dampyiel OOC] oh

Zyos answers 'need to get this damn thing up a few more times and I'll be ready for that ass damp ;)'

[Drausean OOC] i honestly dont even know how i hero'd here
[HRO Daemn Sor ] Drausean has been put out of business by Jaelen

[Kermit OOC] lunch time you punks
[Kermit OOC] ham,cheese,apple,orange,carrots
[Alecca OOC] You're eating Miss Piggy!!!!!!!!!!

(Ciccone tell) 'i love your lip smackers and lack of perfume'

Nevalis [IMM]: is it wrong that the disney channel is still on even with the baby napping and im kinda watching it?

(Faye tell) did you hear what i said?
You tell Faye 'on a text game?'

(Faye tell) more classes alecca moar moar

Faye yells 'i'm not above intercourse with animals don't test me'

Alecca flames 'if i'm gonna rain on your parade, i'll be sure to shit on you after too, as a courtesy'

[Dampyiel OOC] so many mino
[Dampyiel OOC] minos
[Dampyiel OOC] i assume thanks to me
[Yippy OOC] but ur beast
[Dampyiel OOC] oh yeah

[Dampyiel OOC] sabin wanna fight
[Nevalis OOC] that sounds like fightin' words
[Dampyiel OOC] yeha so what..wanna fight about it?

Alecca [IMM]: i'm about to make a butt location with a butt plug for people who upset me
Alecca [IMM]: or a mouth location for the used butt plug to go into

(Alecca says) and just when i thought i was gonna spit out this HUGE loogie, it was like teeny

[Billy Jole OOC] She is always a woman to me

Zook clans 'dude I got hard'

[Emperor Amadus OOC] hand on my weiner :)

(CA) <Praxus barter> wtb silky lingerie magical binding

[Angelina Jole OOC] atleast im hot lol

(Sabin says) my sex is modified by + 1 - 1 + 1 -2

[Kermit OOC] we sell a product call teabag holder

[Kermit OOC] one day i will rule all of pig land!

[Kermit OOC] i want to start a muppet clan:>
(SW) [Faye OOC] i'd be miss piggy O_o

[Zook OOC] and julian went ld during mudsex

(CA) [Zook OOC] jk jk I love Malefuc

(Serokin says) Grease on nipples hurt.

(Nevalis says) my pants flew off

[EXE ] Don'tComeAKnockinIfTheVans Serokin

Xull [IMM]: Dimos asking me if I am male or female irl….. not liking this :P

[ElStinko Nevalis OOC] i did step in a puddle once, then i found out it was piss
[Alecca OOC] bet that made you happy
[RollinInMy Benzini OOC] yeah he was relieved
[Alecca OOC] or 'relieved'

[A Shade OOC] oooor bacon is smoked and if you buy fresh bacon you dont need more conservatives

[Zook OOC] ill just shit up

[Zook OOC] but fug it
[Julian OOC] butt fuck it?

(Teitiach says) just because i'm your titty doesn't mean shit!

[IfIOnlyHadAB Raen OOC] lol

[Equinox OOC] By the power of Gracegal!

[Llanos OOC] i wanna name my kid Judicandus

Teitiach clans 'I just don't want to wipe people's buuuuutttttsssss '

(Equinox tell) thanx mate!
(Alecca tell) 'do you call all the girls' mate? '
(Equinox tell) hey they usually think its sexy
(Alecca tell) 'are you single?'
(Equinox tell) yes
(Alecca tell) 'that's why'

Llanos quotes '(Alecca says) use your tongue instead of that finger'

[Razor OOC] Vuln bush sucks versus a lot more than Senseis, heh

[Zook OOC] and then I woke up with a dildo on my mouth…

Julian flames 'don't be a flame'

(Dimos tell) everyone got married on the mud except me.. i kept mud marrying bobs lol

[Nevalis OOC] true, i do know how to put my pants on, one arm at a time

(Teitiach says) Wild barn animals love my penis, and I can't help but let them accept that fact.
Raistlen: i have a song called Samael - Exodus

[Malacoda OOC] as long as I can remember my ass has been bleeding

[44 Lizar Sor ] WhenBarbieOrgasmedSheSaid Damken

[45 Lizar Mge ] IAmTheGodOfHell Faia

[Lagen OOC] i'm gurking treing! [Lagen OOC] tryeing [Lagen OOC] truyoien!

[Alecca OOC] you are what you eat
[Xaero OOC] well i eat cheese alot so am i cheese?
(SH) [Ryumaki OOC] that would make me a lasagne
[Alecca OOC] that would make me cock

(Leto says) somebody slipped me a penis and i didnt even notice

(CA) Aetheoc flames 'shit i think my stomach is hungy'

Raistlen: mother of all things unholy, my breath smells like the asshole of a dead pirate

FATALITY! Setsuna fell prey to zebu.
[Setsuna OOC] I died to Zebu's mirror
[Kelvix OOC] how do you die to a fucking mirror :p

[Thanos OOC] 8im kinda buzzed so ear with me

Shade: yeah..armored knights always gets me in the mood……….(weirdo)

Jamayn asks 'why do i see ppl on who some times?'

(Shade says) fyi a gotta hole in my underwear and one of my ballz keep popping out

(Raistlen says) i'm a 40 foot tall giant ass beast

[Phaeyn OOC] man alcohol is deffinately not good for your anus

[Paine OOC] I agree with the Imm, the clan situation is fine as it is, player run clans was what people wanted and that's what they've got. The world aint black and white, this is a clear example of grey, there's drawbacks and advantages of each situation
[Razael OOC] oooh that was deep Paine P
[Paine OOC] deep is when i say.. dont cross the chicken when you live in a road

(Shade says) you need to taste my wicked backing or balls

[Zakim OOC] laters peeps. gonna grab a bear with Khalor and Paine…

[76 HighE Mge ] Hale to the thief!

[Kelvix OOC] why do mobs get the wary flag
[Aodh OOC] mobs r stoopid :p
[Malacoda OOC] why do you get the wary flag then? cackle

"Llanos tries to hone Llanos' Penis but damages it beyond repair."

Alecca quotes 'Shade: im like your swede in shining wool'

Alecca quotes 'Raistlen: i'm going to higher a bouncer for my funeral incase vytal comes to fuck my body (Alecca's note: hire - for those of us who can spell)'

Istdorl flames 'I wonder if any imms would be willing to masturbate on the radio'

[Renzukuken OOC] please,please,please tell me how to shit!

Epitafio quotes '(Raistlen says) you drive my nuts'

Petros: now i know what a porn star feels like when they get shot in the eye

Alecca quotes 'Raistlen: lol, i jumped from a roof b/c my friend convinced me i was a bird'

Kelvix quotes 'Ischade yells 'one more operation and ill be more bob than you can handle, honey' '

((ShadowsFall Vytal qgossip)) 19. Fade to black
((Obliviax qgossip)) metallica
((Jyarin qgossip)) metallica
((Rota qgossip)) Michael Jackson
((Jyarin qgossip)) thats fade from black

Nevalis: im smrt tho

Vytal: ow shit, my ass just ate my underwear!

Nevalis quotes '(Vytal tell) i think i just got a masterbation calus'

[DomoArigatoMr Legato OOC] rofl

[Doodle OOC] i love sexypoo

Raistlen: i think i just gave myself a penis wedgy

Raistlen: damn, i have two quotes referring to someones hand on my ass, both of which are male, that could look bad for my rep
Raistlen: dammit, and one where i'm having sex with a man

(Ciccone says) i am not putting on a sheeps costume

Jyarin asks 'how come my gore doesnt work?'
Auruin answers 'cause you have small short stubby horns'

[Zakim OOC] Everyone,, this is how dreadlocks will look like or vampires

(Leto says) its working fine now
Oh Shit! We're going down! Devil's Silence is Crashing!

[Faded OOC] Bah, whackin off wjen you're drunk makes you sobeer, that sucks.

[Torch OOC] i think im having a wet dream, im sleeping at cots and get : a warm feeling fills your body.
[Pantarhei OOC] that probably means you have poor bladder control

Taboo flames 'Epi - will you get mad if I call you Epilady?'

Raistlen flames 'pantera is almost as weak as sinatra'

Pantarhei: I swear, my throat couldn't feel any worse if I were to deepthroat a copper wire brush

(Alecca says) when i was young, i used to make my barbies go to nudist camp
(Alecca says) and they would get naked and kiss
(Gogeta says) i got the same addiction..
[Torbyrr OOC] i did that with my little pony and gi joe

Raistlen: if i bounce up and down really fast
Raistlen: i can make my boobs shake
Raistlen: but i have to move my arms in and out too
Raistlen: like a chicken
Raistlen: bawk bawk!

((Torbyrr qgossip)) i saw the dwarves doin nasty things to sleeping beauty

[Torbyrr OOC] haha i even spelt it write

(Ischade says) woot foursome
(You say) fivesome now
(Ischade says) dieter you count as two

(Paradigm tell) the tablets are big enough to be anally injected

[Khalor OOC] and i think i might have made a move on a hot…dude
[Khalor OOC] dammit, she/he was hot

Jakkin asks 'whats the level area after 70?'
Crilok answers '71'
Crilok answers 'oh nvm:P read it wrong'

[LOSER! Justicar OOC] its like you have to pick the best sheep, and the best sheep wins

[Savege OOC] ty for giving me my own channel:P
[Alecca OOC] sure we wanted to name it savege, but thought Newbie was more you

Fallen MUSIC: 'good bye blue ky'

[Murda OOC] yeah that's it i'm just pulling your china

[Wunan OOC] damn im too hard to hero

[Palshife OOC] I think I logged on to the wrong mud. Does anyone know the address of Devil's Silence?

(Phaern tell) i'm the poo flinging ninja smurf

DudeWhere'sMyC Arwen asks 'umm there's no point dispelling mobs at demi is there' FATALITY! Arwen fell prey to A sheep.

Nevalis: takes a real man to dance to girly songs

((Torch qgossip)) hey if i squish your face together you kinda look like a vagina..

[Martyr OOC] Nada, just getting off, like normal.

(SH) Obatunji asks 'is there a size list?'
Alecca answers 'small, medium, large, huge, giant, leto'

((NunpuncheR Nahagenor qgossip)) Question 9- What were Lewis n Clark's first names?
((GoblinsA Norca qgossip)) lois kent

EveryoneIs Bourne flames 'fuck I'm missing a testicle'
EveryoneIs Bourne flames 'oh.. nevermind, there it is'

[Chhaya OOC] *shed 5 inches of her hair today*
Cursed Kurst answers 'shaved ur legs'

[DMG Garou Mrp] ILikeB Estia lity.

Nevalis: damn, i really need to take a shit and there's only notebook paper

[Anskiere OOC] i used to have a 3rd tier shape

[Hamelin OOC] How does cum get on a dildo?

Quanix asks 'how do i use a torch?'
Olympic Torch answers 'your not using me sick freak!'

Tempus flames 'damnit!!! I REALLY get uncomfortable when I'm sleeping, and I get the message "A warm feeling fills your body."'

(Setsuna says) i would like to be male for once.

[DiosDeDS Savege OOC] died to a cow last night :<

[Iodine OOC] cant believe you denied my name, Scrotum…

[Emao OOC] Do i need to wear a coconut bra and jump up and down with a sign.

[Famine OOC] bbl I must eat no matter how ironic that is

Ischade yells 'one more operation and ill be more bob than you can handle, honey'

[Alecca OOC] Leto's made me soft
[OutOnA Glimi OOC] Well, from what I heard, you made him hard

Nevalis quotes '(Glimi tell) I do anal (Glimi tell) Hey, opens up my market a bit '
[Alecca OOC] that's not all it opens up!

(Khadon tell) i can't go east
force khadon alias
Your current aliases are:
/: recall temple
2: st
1: k m
[a: north
[d: west
[b: sout
[c: east
fm: form memorize
bas: syion 2
bastion: syion 2
bas: syion 2
east: e

[HQI [Ryujin] ] [AFK] (Incog) Nevalis phone sex

Emao: i just cut myself with a plastic spoon

(Dieter says) They make your penis look like a light sabre

[IEatRad Emao OOC] i go for 15 minutes to eat and come back a buttlicker!

[Renew Azasel radios] theres a radio channel?

[HRO Titan Sen] Akin (i need a good tit send me tells)

[Dagmier OOC] umm who gave me the cucumber

[Draksinus OOC] i cant forget myself?

(Savege tell) notice that exodus isn't mudding?
(someone tell) reason why he had to make a choice, either to mud or jerk off
(Savege tell) he used to be able to do both till he missed up his hand'

Calamity: my cheezits smell like nasty pussy

[Belkra OOC] Dangit…Lost my hoe.

[IPrince Linux OOC] act what happen to ds webpage there is like a long penis following my mouse! Editor's note: "act" should be "ack"

[Savege OOC] im the main reason we have rico suave and bleat
[Savege OOC] don't forget the rafts made in cuba:P

[Bohmen OOC] I'll give someone 31 gold to get me to 101

(Malus says) i need to fireproof my balls again
(Malus says) i do it to my balls so they are nodrop
(Malus says) cos some bastard thief always tries to steal my balls

Dachande: so i have to go sleep with my brother or somethin cuz im so freaked
Dachande: beats sleeping with your mom and dad

[Alecca OOC] we have more drama queens on this mud than in a gay bar

[Han Zholo OOC] Ability to PK : 50kqp. Ability to PK Well : 100kqp. "[An Immortal OOC] you're so full of shit pandemonium" : Priceless.

Exodus asks 'i wiped my ass but i still got skid marks, what happened?'

[Setsuna OOC] i know solara.com is a porn site

[DragonLord Zero OOC] I think I will name my shopkeeper sheep.

Setsuna answers 'yes i'm a chick with a dick. any other questions? '

[Ulysseus OOC] i call my penis the rod
[Alecca OOC] you'll call it the stump if you keep it up

Sadius asks 'i like a challenge..this mud seems really easy, so i am gonna make it more challenging'

[Alecca OOC] Our kids will be Leto Jr, and Letoa

(Leto says) i cant believe i just asked what hard meant

Ghaleon quotes '"I crave unlubricated monkey love" is carried by Pandemonium'
[Pandemonium OOC] Ermh how'd I get that?
[Alecca OOC] I'd deny it too

[Exodus OOC] ya know, wiping my ass is going to be a huge challenge now

PantaRhei: I didn't even get a grey hair named after me!!!
Alecca: Well you didn't want me to tell them what I named my pubes.

Emao: i feel like a dancing pixie

Inflicted Staz flames 'Just be glad you dont have the purple stuff on your penis like me'

Inflicted Staz flames 'Ooo you got qeq, ooo my penis is small why is yours big'

[Belgara OOC] i hate dirty balls

[Bucky Lasek OOC] it cracked my ass up

(Aodh says) momma said never trust a shadow walker

[Dominus OOC] i wish i was alecca
[Dominus OOC] because then i would be strong and smart
(Leto says) then id have to sleep with him

Savege flames 'ok, who stole my raft'

(Pyriel says) and I still have to paint my fingernails and put on eyeliner!

[Savege OOC] well, i was in cuba, my fucken rental car broke down and we have to ride a fucken donkey

FATALITY! Savege fell prey to Rugo.
[Savege OOC] oh god, this moment was even worse then when i was locked out in my boxers outside my hotel room

Exodus flames 'you're just fucking stupid' Aquatic Tessia flames '*nod*'

Dyran asks 'where can i find Vile Pilferes?'

HairyAni Malacoda clans '[Evil TaiL] my apartment is only minutes away from a sheep pasture'

[Sylvester OOC] i'm a lich..why would i want eqs

[HRO RdDrg Sen] [Serpentis] Love will Terris apart

[GirlMafia Ashanti OOC] Our little Asshair is heading off to college!

[DMG Lunar Bsh] [Q] Genital Iria tation. No spellups!

[ImAbnor Melfice OOC] im confused, what the hell does my pretitle mean

[HRO Lunar Bsh] TheRed Barron RoCk OuT WiTh YeR CoCk OuT
[HRO Wrath Bld] (SW) WreckedEm?DangNear Keldin ReD
[HRO Fetus Shp] [ Perdition ] Subway Dieter, all I wanted to do was rox out
[HRO Mafia ] FirstDegree Murda Don't do me..You'll get into Trouble
[HRO Insanity ] [Legion] DaRoofIsOn Xeyer Power House
[HRO AnDrg Bsh] Poke Dex Gotta Catch em all!
[HRO Untitled ] [Legion] PooPooCaca Cacophony is Plush and Squuezable
[HRO HgElf Eld] [ Perdition ] Grot Esclados
[HRO Lunar Bsh] [Predator] Tampax Taipan Tomato Lord

[DMG BuDrg See] HeresAQuarter Kalath call someone who cares!
[DMG Formless ] [Prophecy] ImNotFatI'mS Kinni [DMG Emperor ]
[ Perdition ] IDrinkMilkByThe Ghaleon the Magical Emperor

[IDrinkMilkByThe Ghaleon OOC] Quiet or Ill drink you

Pyriel: So are all of these cryptothingies sexual? So far I've found clit and labia!

GetO Verrit clans 'my farts are getting pretty smelly and wetish feeling'
AnagramOf Raistlen clans 'stick your finger in your butthole and swish it around'
AnagramOf Raistlen clans 'if you hit something you gotta poo'

(Nevalis says) i watch a real's man show, though, rugrats

IMasturbate Zholo clans 'I'm touched'

GetO Verrit clans 'not funny'

Grumpy Exodus flames 'my ass is screaming eat me now!'

(Savege says) is bleating flirting?
Savege looks around and whistles innocently.
Epitafio looks around and bleats loudly, looking for someone to release her horniness on.
(Dieter says) To me it is
(Barthamel says) rofl, realease your horniness
(Dieter says) To Savege it's seduction
(Savege says) im all yours now epit

Cranky Cronk flames 'elarn to type imms god:P'

(SH) Happy Blight flames 'where on earth do you get those sentences?'
Alecca flames 'flame 101'
Zoko flames '101'

[EXE >Collared<] <»>Perdition«<> SnowWhite Rejara SortaKindaNotReallyHereAlthoughMayBeWatching
[DMG BlackMamba] [»>Perdition«<] Sneezy Adunaphel Turendae.
[DMG Emperor ] [»>Perdition«<] Grumpy Ghaleon the Jade Penguin
[HRO WhDrg Sen] [»>Perdition«<] Bashful Mallegar
[HRO >Emeritus<] [»>Perdition«<] (SW) Dopey Exodus <(=Emerald=Sabre=-
[HRO Lunar Bsh] [»>Perdition«<] Happy Esclados grovel for spells!
[HRO GrDrg Shd] [»>Perdition«<] (SW) Doc Dieter I'm gonna put my evil inside you >:D
[HRO Impeccable] [»>Perdition«<] (SW) Sleepy Blight - "We're on the road again!"

Grumpy Ghaleon quotes 'Sneezy Adunaphel clans 'why do i have to be sneezy?

[Master Tarru OOC] Alright folks, I am gonna go do something civilized and stuff…
[QueenBitch Alecca OOC] shower?

Alundra asks 'is rejara on??'
(SH) Exodus answers 'if she was, and wanted you to see her, she'd be vis'
MiniBitch Rejara answers 'I'm vis'

[Alecca OOC] an 80 year old woman headbanging to nature sounds…hmmm

(SH) LIB Raistlen clans '|ImAFuckingIdiot| my breath smells like rancid ass'

[TooMuchAnalSexGivesYouA Lucias OOC] yes we all know its rather old

ICouldn'tPeeSoIGotA Darstone clans 'does this mean im gonna get passed some day?'

(SH) |ArchMagI| Raistlen clans '|ImAFuckingIdiot| jason(the guy grabbing my ass) is jumping
(SH) |ArchMagI| Raistlen clans '|ImAFuckingIdiot| and i'm in mid dive :p'

Kinni clans 'fucking selfer made me lag for no reason '

Julian quotes '(Emerald tell) i am in love with lex but irl i am in love with sepheroth'
Julian quotes '[HRO WhDrg Ncr] Emerald loves allanon'

PantaRhei: sorry about that Rejara. I was going to return that one dildo to you

Ashanti quotes '(Llanos says) So… You think an interspecies relationship between a Llama and a Hedgehog could ever work out?'

[Tzekren OOC] i need a name change!
Tzekren renamed to Dickhead
[Dickhead OOC] ok im ready to be Tzekren again

[Malacoda OOC] laff I suck my girlfriend's penis

[Dex OOC] but mine is a 1 way street, entrance only
[Dex OOC] I mean exit..

[Malacoda OOC] I was wondering why I bled for a week every month

Selferium quotes '(Solara says) now i have all these cocks on my screen '

Alecca quotes 'Immortal Advice from Dachande: well if yer that worried then pull out and wank it!'

PantaRhei flames 'cause 'leccy know I'll ravage her RAWR grrr *bite* *bite* *lick* *lick*'

PantaRhei: and Nirvana is asking me if I thought about taking her up on a girl / girl offer they supposedly made a while back

[Malacoda OOC] is there shame in not having sex by the age of 1?
[Malacoda OOC] I mean 17

Alecca quotes '(Argus tell) u get a sorry kill and u loot me how pathetic'

(Shade tell) *snicker* i should do this for a living..i would look great in a dress and as a secretary

[Exodus OOC] if it's not the one of dieter slipping in shit in the shower, i don't want to see it

Sergious asks 'immortal do u belive in god?>'
Alecca answers 'do you believe i can kick your ass?'
Sergious answers 'yes'
Alecca answers 'that's all you need to know about me'

[Ghaleon OOC] Btw, whos carrying my funky assloving?

Exodus quotes '(Savege tell) bah, i have to kill an angry goat for my quest, this is going to hurt me more then anything :<'

Exodus quotes '(Norca tell) if your an ass clown does that make you available for parties?'

(Shadow) Raistlen clans '|ArchMagI| so heres my delimna'

[74 Wyvrn Shp] Torral My poisonous lips slide coarsly down the molten lava flow of your tepid and angry caresses which bring me ultimate pain
[Torral OOC] woah i just read my title and i feel turned on

Kinni clans 'i fled from norca from the questmaster'
Kinni clans 'and ended up in an outhouse'

Aenima flames '"Alecca has forsaken you" well fuck alecca then whoever the bitch is'

[Malacoda OOC] why don't they have K.Y. Jelly beans?

(Shadow) Zantox asks 'what does SW mean?

[Raistlen OOC] dog jizz tastes nasty

[HRO Evil Tail] [Serpentis] (SW) Malacoda…..Evil is my first name.
[HRO RdDrg Knt] [Prophecy] Twagular……Evil is my middle name.
[HRO Ghral Sen] [Predator] Argus….. Evil is my last name.

[Torrini OOC] savege was in one of my dreams two nights ago

[Ashanti OOC] I make a great vibrator

(Raminthebutt says) i like my name

Solan clans 'Leccy, people who MUD can't have money. If we had money, we wouldn't play a game that requires no cash to play a month and we wouldn't play a game that has no pictures =P'

Arutha: alecca, you didn't give me head

(Shadow) Quickening clans 'QuicksilveR: you know what i gotta do to look sexy?'
(Shadow) Quickening clans 'QuicksilveR: dress up in a pink tutu, and run through the neighborhood half nekkid wearing makeup'

(Kermit tell) this mud is full of frog haters!

Arutha: i can sing, dance, and i look good in a tutu

Solid asks 'how do you pk????'

Arutha quotes '(Letalis tell) Prison sex please?? oh yeah, the song too'

[Savege OOC] ill send you flan and you send me crabs

Ixion asks 'will u leave me alone immortal?????'

Malacoda quotes '[HRO GrDrg Sor] Grenshold do not p fucking k me'

[AUCTION] No bid received for Runyans Brain. Item removed.

Kermit quotes '(Shadow) Rombus clans 'my ass is getting better

[Trinitron OOC] i am linkdead

Raistlen clans '|ArchMagI| i wish guys could fart out of their penis whole so we could get cool names like queef'

[Faraherde OOC] its like most guys have a happy trail.. I've got a happily overgrown path

[Raistlen OOC] and a)who cares if his hand is on my ass in the pic!

Raistlen clans '|ArchMagI| my friend had a dream that i was naked and had panties on my head'

Imhemotep asks 'is this a diku mud?'

[Ashanti OOC] Did I ever tell you about the time Rugo proposed to me?

Someone quaffs a potion of cure blindness.
Someone quaffs a potion of cure blindness.
[Arena] Bhaal has defeated Khaz!
Khaz flames 'well no shit you dont lose, quaffing half the fight who would

Raistlen clans '|ArchMagI| i can't fucking believe i've had sex with kane'

(Shayla tell) umm I chose the wrong sex…can you please change it to female?
(Shayla tell) heh, its just a little thing…'
(Shayla tell) oh wait nvm, I am female, I guess the disarm thing was incorrect

Raistlen clans '|ArchMagI| kill the virgin first!'
Dango clans 'but i dont want to die'

Raistlen clans '|ArchMagI| i've been fingering a few people'

Raistlen clans '|ArchMagI| i swear one day i'm going to whack this silly thing off and get a sex change'

[Belzenraden OOC] The only thing I dislike about PK muds is PK.

Pman asks 'why can't i fireproof myself?'

[Torral OOC] oh yeah i would look really cute wearing a sundress considering im 6'3" and have fur cause of my barbarian bloodline
[Torral OOC] my god if i didnt shave the back of my neck i could weave it like i had a mane

(Mirandah says) I just needed to suck on a banana, my headache is going away.

Bhaal quotes 'You tell Krellus 'this is not fucking disney land Bhaal quotes ' (Krellus tell) yes it is'
Bhaal quotes '(Krellus tell) this is a nice, family-oriented MUD'

(Baldy tell) You have become better at change sex! hehe, praccing the important skills first.

Dango quotes '(You say) charm no work maf :
Mafesto pinches Zeratul and his crumples to the ground. :
(Mafesto says) pinch does'

(Bhaal tell) that would be like darhoth saying he stripped naked and pole-danced at a club

Mirandah: comfort on the nuts

[ENF ILoveMalix ] [Devil's Silence] Mirandah no longer a butt virgin
[Mirandah OOC] yeah, i took it every where i could today
[Kianna OOC] You can't rebutt that can you mir?

Drakklon asks 'whats cum' Drakklon asks 'Ive never figured that one out'

[Ashanti OOC] Thanks for being the first to whack the moles guys and gals
[Shadowyvar OOC] thanks for being the first to host it!
[Alecca OOC] they are all experienced whackers
[Exodus OOC] i practice every day
[Shadowyvar OOC] no wonder savege did so well

Yafer asks 'why cant i order my zombie to join the quest??'

Arutha: and i stole underwear from Bette Midler
Alecca: during the fat or skinny period?
Arutha: both

Erlyn quotes '(Warhoth tell) i don't have a keyboard so i can't type'
Slyve quotes '(Warhoth tell) my mom took my kb so i am using my mouse to type'
[Warhoth OOC] seriouy!

Dachande: is it bad if they only way i want to relax now instead of studying…is by jacking off into silk female underwear

[Malacoda OOC] I got the itchy burning sensation …maybe I got athlete's butt

(Mirandah says) I just can't bring myself to whack in the car.

[Trunks OOC] lag [Mirandah OOC] do you say anything else [Trunks OOC] lag

[Katauk OOC] i give hickies on the coochie

Kajnak flames 'i wasnt dying before i got pked'

[Malacoda OOC] no, way tmi is if I said I was picking lice out of my girlfriend's pubic hair and eating it

[Taboo OOC] Unless your mouth is numb and it lands on your chest instead
[Menmelith OOC] I thikn I came in on the wrong part of that convo
[Taboo OOC] Well, I did gum a cheesburger from McD's to death yesterday…. was hungry

Dieter quotes '(Savege tell) what is pfff?pretty fine fucken female? You tell Savege 'Whatever floats your boat, man.' (Savege tell) its raft'

(Shadow) Famine flames 'I dont like fucking pussys'

Shade: dam i cant wait to have the chance to fuck evryday agian i missed it a shitload

[Dizzy OOC] damn…takes long to lvl on this mud

[Ayperos OOC] a drunk aussie, surprise surprise :p
[Connavar OOC] ah a scarcist c aermecian surpaise surpsissee
[Connavar OOC] can stkill epll ooc foros oemt strange reaoson

Griffin grats 'me on heroin' Griffin grats 'lol i mean hero'

(Dieter says) One of my turds was so huge one time, it wouldnt flush, so I had to break it up… with my brothers toothbrush
(Mirandah says) you plop, you flush, you stand/lean/wipe, you flush
(Mirandah says) i'd rather waste water than plunge my own shit back up the toilet

[Balbanes - rockdragon] ok, everyone stop confusing me with diff race/class channels. i have the mind of a 2 year old and the penis of a fetus.

[ 44] Atari: Penis Quest Daenelle was the first to handle it (1 cubic), and Tazz was second (1 cubic)

(Pyriel says) Don't worry Dieter, the other one will drop eventually.
[Dieter OOC] I'm 16, they dropped long ago my friend
[Daenelle OOC] Ones just a bit shy
[(Shadow) Kul OOC] Balbanes HAS grape nuts.

(Dieter says) Doesn't Ohio border Tennessee? Im not good at Geometry

(Malix says) nah dont let her fool ya Im actually 4 foot tall, anorexic with a squeaky voice

Arutha: rofl, some guy went into a roller blade store, tried on some blades, then ran out of the store and tried to make a getaway on the blades. he was caught within a minute by store employees. the theif didn't know how to skate. Arutha: he must play ds.

Ishan flames 'I know my dick is that scary, 8 pounds of thunder.'
Tiernashta quotes 'thunder (noun) a loud annoying sound that comes and goes in minutes'

(Nocturne tell) umm no dendrin you cannot touch it
(Nocturne tell) mistell

[Raizlan OOC] whats the use of changing your sex?

Famine flames 'I don't like fucking pussys'

Copper flames 'Julian cut link to escape mud sex!'

<(Shadow) Draccon barter> ok, if no one wants these dildo's, I'm going to have to eat them

Mirandah: omg i need to get some air freshener and stick it up my ass

[Malix OOC] thats for callin me malox

[Mirandah OOC] i was watchin people kissing

[Mirandah OOC] mine is far bigger, doesn't mean i can't want her body

(Dex tell) ROFL ROFL ROFL shit i pissed myself
(Dex tell) damnit i cant go afk and change now cause its a pdox

Julian quotes 'You tell Alecca 'You should make a Quest item… Julian's Mind
(Alecca tell) no that could NEVER be found'

Alecca quotes 'MOMAX (52) Stella Does Tricks (1996) *** (NR)'
[Alecca OOC] i wonder if that's before or after she got her groove back

[Gringoire OOC] the only reason i became an elder is bribe and screw

* also known as the 3 little pigs? *
* also known as the 3 little pigs? *
* also known as the 3 little pigs? *
[Kermit OOC] careful with those pig comments

(Shadow) Balbanes flames 'oh i get it…buck can fuck a duck and nobody cares…but i fuck one little copying machine and its world war 9'
Malacoda flames 'well I fuck anything that moves'
Malacoda flames 'and stationary items some times'

Alecca: my butt gets cold Mirandah: even with so many people's lips stuck to it?

[Memnnoch OOC] julian is a male??

(Jerant says) Spell my god damn name right! (Jerant says) J-E-R-A-N-Y

(Cyth says) my head has an ass……….

(Shadow) Pandemonium quotes 'Dieter clans '(_-=EatMyAssOut!=-_) I am not a fag!!

(Shadow) Timida asks 'why do I got a SW flag in front of my name? cause I wont the star wars trivia?'

[Coront OOC] HOLY SHIT alecca a real person
[Coront OOC] i thought
[Coront OOC] u where a computer thina mah bobber
[Coront OOC] hold up is alecca a girl or a guy?
[Coront OOC] even if that is a fake alecca dont mess with m/f because its still a inorrtal

Famine flames 'im chillen in pubichair'

Melker Love makes you do nutz! :p

[Kaleron OOC] devil's silence can i get a tell pls

Servbot asks 'have someone ever kill alecca yet?'
Servbot asks 'can miranda kill alecca?'

Feyd clans 'Yeah, you can definately tell Balzamon had nothing to do with Elders, or Wool would definately be a component.'

[Zai OOC] man, you have to drink lotsa cum b4 thirst is quenched

[Malacoda OOC] hmmm I smell like pussy

(Malacoda tell) arggg I got my asshiar entangled in Llanos's penis

Dachande: you know, just watching the olympics makes me sweat Mirandah: watchin porno does that to me

Dachande: afk for a bit, need to put some lotion on my willy

Dachande answers 'i tried to dye my crotch green, didn't do much but stain my skin'

[Cykotic OOC] ever scratch your nuts..look at your fingers and..and you find nutcheese under your nails?

[Mirandah OOC] my mommy used to gimme enemas *shudder*

Llanos quotes 'You are splashed by acid from A Pussy Whip. Llanos' Penis is pitted and etched.'

(Raistlen tell) a lack of things taking up space created a void in my pants

[Mirandah OOC] not since they invented self sticking feminine napkins no
[Grunam OOC] they look awsome you should try it sometime

[Malacoda OOC] I like to xsocial myself

I didn't really look through it. there was too much reading. Pictures are better. -A DS Guestbook signature…commenting on a webpage for a text based MUD.

[Alecca OOC] young, dumb, and full of cum? that describes 95% of the mud
[Taboo OOC] And the other 5%?
[Alecca OOC] young dumb and just shot off a load

Loigan asks 'why does my bodily gases smell like propane?'

[(Shadow) Eldrin OOC] wtf, my crusty cum covered dildo changed into essence of the dark one *sniff*

[Meraco OOC] whose paradox?

[Alecca OOC] i sound like a pregnant yak when i orgasm, happy?

Delleb: sperm is disturbing

Sabis flames 'mjau..is the sound the cat makes…dork'
Alecca flames 'meow!'
Sabis flames 'damn americans cant spell'

[Starz OOC] well, even that mae young bitch is prettier than chyna

FuckDuck (Buck) a skeletal figure flames 'And by the way, I never Fucked that duck, just caressed it a bit, that is all!'

Xenix asks 'why did Alecca Forsake me?'
Jerech answers 'she doesn't like you…duh'
Xenix asks 'well she isnt even real'
Alecca answers 'then i must be a figment of your fucking imagination'

[(Pirotess) a giant vampire bat OOC] my pop takes one look at me and the hair on my arms and says "your a gorilla"

[Bune OOC] man i have these toxic farts its so fuckin gross…

(Shadow) [Target] Jutal flames 'shrug I just want you bitch'
(Shadow) [Target] Jutal flames 'and stipe keep's giving me bj's'

[Rza OOC] i want chaos!
[Rza OOC] wait
[Rza OOC] thats didnt sound right

Anansi flame 'My head refuses to grow!'
Etah flames 'try a hooker'

[Eldrik OOC] yum nothing like cum, from a fresh organism!

(Mexicano tell) ok rename me to Fagito

wanted: loaded cubics, will perform demeaning sexual favors for them

[SheepFucker(Baa) Ragnarok OOC] I never fucked a sheep in my life till the imms told me to!

(General Nim says) got a mind or 2 ?

[Menstral Syckle OOC] I like it!
[On the Ragnarok OOC] *whap imms*

Syckle quotes '…You empower a potion of Rugo! You quaff a potion of Rugo. You feel weak and worthless…'

(Xor says) Finger buttjizz

[(\/)asTeR Pestilence OOC] Yah its cool I got boobs in my pretitle

TooFuckingOldToWork Brakar flames 'goat crap tastes gross'

[Fargus OOC] wizslap fargus time
[Fargus OOC] ahh my pants fell off

QueenBitch Alecca quotes '(Staz tell) I got ppl tryin to pk me, slay em for me?'

[Dominante OOC] you spelled masturbating wrong

Legend grats 'Yay, Devadander! Never had a doubt!'
Legend grats 'Nevermind I just lost 500 gold.'

QueenBitch Alecca: we can call it warheadmud

Silas: Ok thanks - Don't want to be naked anymore.

Kosh flames 'You killed me you fucking newbie!

[Mystical Zendor OOC] whoever wins this quest… and sucks castor off 5 times… gets 50 cubics….

[BattleLord Rekio OOC] like I save all my sploog in a jar

[Phreus OOC] i can only consent to one person at a time!

Skulkar attemps to eat himself, and fails miserably.

(Mortiis says) I like white ones (tshirts) now, accentuates my boobs.

(Nemesis tell) when you use a vibrator for the first time and it breaks your Hymen, i hate that'

'Rekio Snarls: 2, i dont know, i dont keep track, im a crap ass leader'

[Pestilence OOC] I'm a master [Pestilence OOC] at bating

[BattleLord Rekio OOC] no, the one about fuckin my mom

[Hemorrhoid Rekio OOC] <—will gladly bend over for some cash

(Draghignazzo tell) every once in awhile I'll walk bye and get hit in the nuts so fucking hard for no reason Findail qgossips my favorite is analingus
[Buzzsaw Warhead OOC] screw that, go celibate and play DS for the rest of your life.

Shane clans 'well wow, sheep DO taste good'

(Malacoda says) i need sex… (Syckle says) I don't know that spell…

Thyme asks 'where do you get a screaming orgasm?'

Pandora Gossips 'whos Alecca?'

[Samael OOC] hey baby, what's your sign? mine's wool

Somone flames 'sister/cousin/wife whatever'

Masani: at the risk of being bitchslapped…Anally Fucking my Keyboard??? (his translation of AFK)

[Castor OOC] hey when someone gets a clan to stage four can I join?

Alecca asks 'and what's with diareaha? it's like 'I'm a fart-just kidding!

[Ishan OOC] god you suck as much as i used to suck before i stopped sucking so hard

(Ishan says) how much wood would a woodchuck suck if a woodchuck sucked my wood?'

[An Immortal OOC] how many times am I going to tell you bother the swede lovers?

Quickening qgossips whats so hard about flaming dildos? I get them easy

Fynal flames 'I especially like big hairy animal nuts.'

[Severant OOC] monomach i need emotional support, cuddle me!'

Rubix Rombus flames 'dammit that was my monkey!'

[ButtSeeker Rohan OOC] Hey Rekio I want your penis

[Llanos OOC] They should make a groin location

(Yogi says) I was crying of laughter when they started making fart music'

[Glimmer OOC] What the hell is this on my keyboard? It looks like cream cheese

Keviatalon clans 'don't make me get anal on you udz '

Callak says (Between orgasms while masturbating) ' Thats why they call us the one hand typers =)

[QueenBitch Alecca OOC] must have been the thought of touching my penis

Syckle quotes '…I got one, but I need an imm to hold my qeq because Alecca will slay me for it <=)…'

"I met a clown today" - DS Con 99

[Llanos OOC] Did you hear about the monk prostitute? -Yeah, she does chaos blows.

[Kosh OOC] ok i shit my goddam ass im going afk

Mirandah quotes 'Vermin tries to use Roughrider's condom, but is too inexperienced.'

[Phamine OOC] Yeah, be some admin named Blecca [Phamine OOC] She can never get rid of me. Im like herpies

Teitiach: Plumbers around here are your arm, elbow grease, and a plunger.

[Bellum OOC] i tried to kisa guy once when i was really drunk
[Paine OOC] havent we all !
[Shirohie OOC] they say that when you are drunk you display your true self
[Bellum OOC] i'd kiss a guy..
[Paine OOC] if a girl was hot enough and i thought it would increase my chances id kiss a dude too , if i was drunk [Paine OOC] i dont care, small price to pay
[Bellum OOC] andyou have to admit
[Bellum OOC] not all guys are ugly
[Bellum OOC] one of my friends deep throats hot dogs

Alecca: man my hair smells so good i'd sleep with myself!

[Kermit OOC] nod frog legs are tasty

[Teitiach OOC] the bag is out of the cat

[Ikriel OOC] i can drag my balls across the keyboard and sometimes type a word..

(Teitiach says) bathroom break before i poop in my pants

(Teitiach says) I'm so good at saccing stuff that I should work at WalMart!!!

(Nevalis says) not really, since i dont own pants

[Happea OOC] im a moron i swear

(Decavy says) I clean to give my pubic hair a mohawk

(SW) [Dallben OOC] mmmmm chicken doodle soup rules

[Auruin OOC] i'm the official DS fairy! ::flutters::

Auruin flames 'im an orc in a tutu!'

[Hodgdon OOC] oh.. i would but i cant since i have no internet

[Exodus OOC] i like to wear a hat and thong with nothing else and prance around the room looking sexy

Hodgdon flames 'cus im the hsit.'

Shade: that realy made my ass laugh.

Shade: no i got it in mouth when i kissed his head

Shade: you dont need toilet paper, just your hand and some water

Nevalis: im saving my energy for a threesome later, involving both my hands

(SW) Rayne flames 'Synistor no one knows what u are anymore, u remort 10 days a day '

[Exodus OOC] i'm just so excited to see everyone that i have a 6 foot hard on with a cheeseburger on the end of it

[Hugula OOC] colons: part of the male reproductive system

(Drakis tell) i take pride in people with adverage intelligence

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