Raid Of The Ogre Brothers
Raid of the Ogre Brothers
Rumors exist of two brothers who have dedicated their lives to collect ancient relics from ruined civilizations.
In order to maintain balance between them, they agreed to divide the the relics in half. The ogres have
taken refuge within the deepest reaches of the great plains so that they can remain isolated from would
be thieves and treasure hunters.

This mini quest is fairly straightforward and not too difficult. However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. The ogres, while not very strong, have a lot of health, which can take around 4-5 minutes to kill solo and leaves you susceptible to PK. If possible, bring additional players to take the ogres down more quickly and for PK support.
  2. It's a good idea to utilize weapons with Frost and Vampiric/Osmosis flags so you can maximize damage and sustain your health/mana.
  3. Each ogre possesses one half of a random connect weapon. Since there are 10 possible weapons to create, it may take a few kills to obtain both halves.

Directions to Zov
From Town Center: 9n4ene2n2e2nw3ne2n2en2e

Directions to Voz
From Town Center: 9w2ne4nws3w3ne2n2w

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