These are the rules of Devil's Silence.  For other matters, use common
sense.  For clan specific rules, see HELP CLANRULES, for PK specific
rules see HELP PKRULES.

*  Do not advertise or discuss other MUDs while logged on.  It is rude
   to do so on any MUD.  If someone is caught advertising another MUD,
   they will be wiped, no questions asked.  We are not here to help you 
   create your mud, don't ask.  Don't ask our players.

*  Your presence here is a privilege not a right. Obey any orders from
   immortals, and you will be fine.

*  Sitting around idle with a client is hazardous to your health. If we
   catch you doing it, strange things may happen to your character.  DO 
   NOT run a bot of any type.  If you want a clan healer, BUY ONE (see
   help CLAN_PRICE).

*  No multiple logins, multiple playing, helping your own characters
   with other characters you own -- by any arrangment. (see also HELP
   MULTIPLAY for further information)

*  Sharing characters is expressly forbidden.  If you are caught 
   sharing a character, that char will be deleted and other action may
   be taken.

*  Cheating will not be tolerated. This includes accepting favors from
   immortals and exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, report it, then do
   not use it.

*  DO NOT, we repeat, DO NOT ask for restores or spell ups from the
   Gods.  These are gifts from the gods and are given at our
   discretion.  Asking for too many restores could set a no_restore
   flag on your character.  Now, you wouldn't want that, would you?

*  Swear all you want, but leave your attitude at the door.

*  Sexual harrassment...don't do it...if someone asks you to stop
   because they feel harrassed because of their gender, be it male or 
   female, STOP RIGHT THEN AND THERE.  Report it to the immortals if
   your harrasser continues to make you feel uncomfortable.  Sexual 
   harrassment will not be tolerated on Devil's Silence..period.

*  The use of edited equipment is forbidden. This does not include Clan 
   EQ or Quest items, both of which are allowed.  If you are found with
   illegally set eq, your character will be wiped, no questions asked.

*  Going linkdead instead of quitting...don't do it...your character
   will be purged, the Immortals are on the look out for repeat
   offenders, and penalties will occur to repeat offenders.  So don't 
   do it.

*  No Whining, bitching or moaning. We want a fun environment, not one
   where everyone is upset at something.

*  Read help FLAME and help CHANNELS.

*  Spamming players is illegal.  This should be self explanatory.

*  Read "help caps".

*  Rules on PK, read: help pkrules

*  Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the immortals.

*  Interpretation and final say on these and all rules is up to the
   immortals.  If you have a problem with something, appeal it to the
   imps.  If you still have a problem, you are out of luck.
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