[Selferman] The Original Light Sabre: "Nor'Easter" Shining/Light Connect Connect "Perfect Crystal" and "Hilt of Some Strange Weapon" 33/33 -2 Dex +1; Cha +1 Vampiric Vorpal Light Sharp
Assassin's Sabre Vapor/Drowning Xarahad Padarta 28/28 -2 220/0/0 Flaming Sharp Shocking Obfuscate 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11n2u2wn
Blade of Echoes Cacophany/Sound Tramont Lord of Tramont Keep 23/23 -2 100/0/0 AC -15 Vampiric Wpoison Rotting Sharp 8w2sw2sw2s2wnw2d3nu3nu2nuenesuwneuw
Bloodied Sabre Mania/Mental Delirium Clockwork Beast 33/33 100/0/0 Str +3 Flaming Sharp Wpoison Acidic
Bloody Stake Thrust/Pierce Xarahad Yrarles 28/28 -1 150/0/0 AC -20 Shocking Rotting Obfuscate Sharp
Celestial Cleaver Righteousness/Holy Fortress Winged Warrior 20/20 -2 200/0/0 Str +3 Frost Vorpal Light Sharp 9es3e2ne2n2e4nu2ne2nwn
Chemical Coated Blade Toxin/Poison Gnome Factory Head Goblin 28/28 0/300/300 AC -20 Flaming Wpoison Rotting Sharp
Danaus call Terra/Earth Avalon Morgaine 20/20 -2 225/0/0 Sharp Rotting Jinx Vampiric 9w2nu6w3nw2sesese7s7wn6e4n4wn
Dark Blade Inscribed "LifeBane" Atrophy/Disease Enchanted Forest Dark Druid, Fahn 33/33 100/0/0 Frost Sharp Rotting Vampiric 9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s4ene2ne
Dawn Blade Flash/Light Realm of the Fallen Hidden in room "Clouds of Despair" 33/33 100/0/0 Sharp Frost Vampiric Rotting 8w2sw2sw2s3e2nw2nu3w3n2e
Dusk Blade Forge forged item
Fierce Scimitar Slash/Slash Thieves Bazaar Bandit Merchant 30/30 -2 300/0/0 Sharp Vorpal Obfuscate Vampiric 2w3s3ed2se2s3w4n2e2n17esenend2n3e2n
Firebane Chill/Cold The Tundra Hidden in room "Tundra Pathway" 30/30 -1 Dex +3 Frost Vorpal Accursed Sharp nd11nu4es5we3nsw
Gaea Blade Shard/Earth Enchanted Forest Dark Druid, Beral 15/15 -1 Str +3; Luc +5 Sharp Earth Obfuscate Acidic
Hilted Sabre Static/Lightning Elysium Steelforger 25/25 -3
Hilted Sabre Static/Lightning Solennir Apprentice Weaponsmith 25/25 -3 3en
Hydra Blade Rage/Energy Lake Minterpia Statue of an Ancient Hero 33/33 150/0/0 Str +2; Dex +1 Wpoison Light Obfuscate Sharp 10sw4se5se3s3uws4ese8n2e3d6ne
Long Wooden Pole Splinter/Wood Bangzui Gardens Ho Min Fat 33/33 -2 250/0/0 Str +2 Sharp Exhaustion Shocking Fatigue 9wn2wnw3nw2nw6ne
Pointy Elephant's Trunk Splash/Drowning Chaos Vale Translucent Elephant 33/33 -2 Sharp Frost Shocking Obfuscate 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w2sw
Pubic Razor Irongrip/Iron Effeminate Dwarf Confused Teenager 33/33 -2 225/0/0 Vampiric Sharp Accursed Rotting 9w2nund8n2enen3e
Rose Branch Sliver/Wood Bangzui Gardens See Tong 25/25 -2 200/0/0 Wpoison Rotting Jinx Sharp 9wn2wnw3nw2nw5nw
Sabre of Death Mercury/Silver Plains of Nether Todesengel 20/20 -2 200/0/0 AC -20 Sharp Vorpal Acidic Shocking 9wn2wd2wn4d3wd
Screaming Silence Slasher Screech/Sound Chaos Vale Pear Slice 33/33 -2 250/0/0 Dex +3 Sharp Shocking Fatigue Acidic
Serrated Antenna Inferno/Fire The Isles Fire Ant 33/33 -2 150/0/0 Flaming Vampiric Osmosis Sharp
Shadow Slayer Shadow/Shadow Black Crag Mountains Squealing Goblin 30/30 -2 200/0/0 Dex -2 Flaming Vorpal Shocking Sharp 9w2ne4nws2e4nene2n2w2ne4nwn3en2en3e3sw
Sharp Spindle Absorption/Negative FairyTale In room "Suspended Reality" 25/25 -2 200/0/0 Sharp Wpoison Obfuscate Shocking
Slime Covered Sabre Slime/Acid Adares Tiren 30/30 -1 220/0/0 Sharp Vorpal Fatigue Acidic 9w2ne4nw2s6enenenwne3n3e2nwnwn2e2n2u
Star Blade Laceration/Slash Ogre Brothers Quest Connect Left and Right Halves of "Ancient Relic of Sabres" 30/30 200/0/400 Dex +4 Vampiric Sharp Depletion Frost
Swift Blade Gust/Air Realm of the Fallen Mercury 22/22 -2 100/0/200 Dex +3 Frost Vorpal Obfuscate Sharp 8w2sw2sw2s3e9nu4n
Tainted Sabre Slash/Slash Elysium Wizened Shopkeeper 20/20 -1 100/100/0 Wpoison Rotting Sharp nd11nu3wse
Tear in Reality Static/Lightning Chronos Hidden in room "A Collision of Time" 30/30 300/0/0 Vampiric Vorpal Osmosis Sharp
The Master's Weapon Power/Holy Lost Ruins Skeleton Trainer 33/33 200/300/0 AC -15 Fatigue Sharp Vorpal Shocking
Thin Ferric Blade Adamantite/Iron Forgotten Temple Vesh'raa 25/25 -1 200/200/0 Str +2 Flaming Sharp Depletion Wpoison 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w8sw6swn
Torch's Sabre Blaze/Fire Connect Connect "Rusted Sabre" and "Fiery Spirit" 30/30 -1 Dex +3 Flaming Sharp Rotting Obfuscate
Twisted Onyx Blade Shadow/Shadow SeveN SinS Stalking Shadow 20/20 -2 300/0/0 Dex +2 Rotting Light Obfuscate Sharp 9wn2wnwn2wndw8n
Wicked Sabre Crescent/Silver Nocturne Keep Leovota 30/30 200/0/0

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