Saves Vs Dispel

SPELL Group: Protective

Dispel Magic removes magical effects from the target. Dispel magic
has a reduced chance of working, and is considering an attack spell.
The chance of dispelling is based on the level of the spell. Permanent
spells (such as mobile sanctuary) are much harder to remove. Not all
spells may be dispelled, notable examples are poison and plague.

Dispel magic removes affects from other players or mobiles. Right now, I'm going to fight a player who has several affects. I will use dispel magic to try to remove those affects. Here is a transcript of the fight where I dispel some of his affects:

c 'dispel magic' xull
You utter the words dispel magic.
Xull no longer looks so lucky.
Xull's endurance wanes.
The red in Xull's vision disappears.
Xull no longer sees invisible objects.
Xull is laughing at your feeble attempts.

The more that is dispelled, the better for you. Some of the things that are good to dispel include sanctuary, any shielding spells (iceshield, fireshield, etc), haste, detects (vision boosts), etc.

Saves vs spells also plays a role with dispel magic, so lucky roles (for my victim in this case) keep him from losing spell affects.

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