Sherwood Forest
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Sherwood Forest ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Sherwood forest is the greenwood home of the legendary outlaw Robin Hood. 
The name Robin Hood has become a legend throughout the world.  His home
Sherwood Forest, is a flourishing hunting ground for kings and queens. 
Robin is no common criminal.  As the famous axiom goes, he robs from the
rich and gives to the poor.  The poor have little to fear from Robin Hood. 
His enemies are the rich and corrupt, especially the Sheriff of Nottingham
and the bad apples in the Church like the Abbot of St. Mary's and the
Bishop of Hereford.  
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Sherwood Forest ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: Hero               Builder: Alecca

From Solennir: 9wnw4nwne2n3w2n3wsws

Portal:  sd4nw
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