Shops allow characters to appraise, sell, and buy items. They are located throughout the mud.


       buy <object>
       sell <object>
       value <object>
       browse <object> 
BUY buys an object from a shop keeper. 

When multiple items of the same name are listed, type 'buy n.item', where n is the position of the item in a list of that name. So if there are two swords, buy 2.sword will buy the second. If you want to buy multiples of an item, use an * (buy 5*pie will buy 5 pies). These can be combined into (for example) buy 2*2.shield, as long as the * is first. 

LIST lists the objects the shop keeper will sell you. List <name> shows you only objects of that name. 

SELL sells an object to a shop keeper. 

BROWSE will give you an overview of the item, which allows to see what exactly you are getting before purchasing it. 

VALUE asks the shop keeper how much he, she, or it will buy the item for.
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