Shrine Of Lexan
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Shrine of Lexan ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
The Angarian army first encountered the cult of Lexan in the early dawn
of time.  Lexanism first appealed to slaves and freedmen, but with Lexan's
emphasis on truth, honor and courage, and its demand for discipline,
he soon became the god of soldiers and traders.  The Shrine of Lexan
was created to honor this wargod.  Many still go there to worship, although,
there are faint rumblings that Lexanism is loosing its powerful hold on 
its followers.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Shrine of Lexan ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range:  61-70        Builder:  Alecca

From Solennir: 10sw5se4se3s3unw7n8en8esw

Portal:  sd4ws
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