Socials are a way to let you interact with other players (or even mobiles - although why you would, I don't know!) on the mud.

Syntax: emote <action>

EMOTE is used to express emotions or actions.  Besides EMOTE, there are
several dozen built-in social commands, such as CACKLE, HUG, and THANK
(type socials or help socials for a listing).

PMOTE is similar to emote, but will substitute you and your for a 
target's name (i.e. pmote bonks Alander will be read as bonks you by 
Alander, and as bonks Alander by everyone else).

POSE produces a random message depending on your class and level.

There are three types of socials: emotes, pmotes, and socials themselves.

Emotes and pmotes allow you to customize your interaction. To be honest, no one uses pose or pmote.

If I type: emote is testing an emote. Players in the room will see: Alecca is testing an emote.

Socials, on the other hand, are precoded. To get a list of available socials, type 'socials'.

7up           aargh         accept        accuse        act           addict        
adjust        admit         agree         aik           aintbishop    aintsorc      
air           angel         anger         ankle         annoy         answer        
anticipate    anyprice      apologize     applaud       approve       aristotle     
arrest        arson         babble        babyback      banana        banner        
bark          bask          bat           bcatch        beam          bearhug       
beckon        bed           beer          beg           behead        belittle      
belly         better        bigmouth      bignod        bip           bird          
bite          bkiss         bleat         bleed         blink         blownose      
blush         boast         bob           boggle        bonk          booger        
boohoo        bomb          boot          bounce        bow           brb           
break         brood         brownnose     buff          burp          bury          
cackle        camel         caress        censor        cheer         chef          
chew          chill         chin          choke         chop          chortle       
chuckle       chug          ckiss         clap          claw          clothesline   
cluck         collapse      comfort       conceive      confused      conga         
conspire      contemplate   cough         cover         cower         cramp         
crazy         crickets      cringe        criticize     cross         crucify       
cry           cuddle        cum           curtsey       cute          darts         
daydream      deathvow      defy          dictate       dig           disagree      
discodance    dizzy         doh           doze          drool         dropkick      
duck          duel          dumbass       ego           embrace       eskimo        
evil          evileye       explode       eyebrow       eyepop        faint         
fakereport    fangs         fart          fatality      fearnot       fidget        
flare         flash         flex          flinch        flip          flirt         
flutter       fondle        french        frown         fruitcake     frustrated    
fumble        fume          gack          gasp          gawk          geezer        
geology       giggle        gimp          girn          giveup        glare         
goose         grimace       grin          grind         groan         grope         
grovel        growl         grumble       guesswho      guitar        gulp          
halibut       hand          haze          head          headache      headbutt      
headlock      heckle        hello         hiccup        hickey        highfive      
highlander    hiss          hiton         hmmph         hodown        hogtie        
homework      hop           horny         howls         hug           hump          
hush          hypnotize     icon          ignore        imitate       innocent      
insane        insect        irishjig      jackiechan    jackrabbit    jam           
java          jealous       judge         juju          kierkegaard   kiss          
kissme        knee          kneel         ksweep        kungfu        laces         
laff          lag           lagattack     lagmonster    laugh         lecture       
leer          leia          lemon         lemonade      lick          life          
lightbulb     lightsaber    lint          liver         lonely        lord          
loser         lost          lounge        love          lovin         luck          
lucky         lunatics      lung          lust          maddog        magictrick    
maim          make          map           massage       medic         meditate      
mischievous   moan          moo           mooch         moon          mosh          
mudman        muhahaha      mull          mutter        nails         newbie        
ni            nibble        nipple        nobeer        nod           noogie        
noprob        nose          nudge         nuffin        nuzzle        offereq       
offerxp       ogg           ogle          ok            ooo           oops          
orgasm        ouch          packrat       panic         pant          passout       
pat           peck          peepee        peer          phew          picket        
pickup        pie           piggyback     piledrive     pimple        pinches       
pissed        pit           pkill         plead         plato         point         
poke          polite        polka         ponder        poor          possum        
pounce        pound         pout          powertrip     pray          promise       
propose       puke          pulse         punch         puppyeyes     purr          
ramble        raspberry     rave          rawr          relief        right         
rock          rofl          roll          romeo         rose          ruffle        
rumble        run           runaway       russian       sadistic      sage          
salute        schwing       scratch       screams       scuff         seduce        
serenade      sexist        shake         shame         sheriff       sherlock      
shimmy        shiver        shoo          shower        shrug         shudder       
sigh          silly         sing          sitback       slap          sleepy        
slinky        slobber       smackdown     smartass      smell         smile         
smirk         smooch        smurf         snap          snarl         sneeze        
snicker       sniff         snob          snore         snort         snowball      
snowboard     snuggle       sob           sorry         spam          spanish       
spank         sparky        speel         spit          spock         square        
squeak        squeal        squeeze       squirm        stagger       staple        
stare         startle       starve        stop          streak        stretch       
strip         stroke        strut         study         stupid        sulk          
support       surprise      suspect       swear         swoon         tackle        
tag           tank          tantrum       tarzan        tease         telling       
tender        thank         therapy       threaten      tickle        tie           
tigger        tight         tip           tisk          toast         tongue        
toosexy       torture       tug           tummy         tweak         twiddle       
twitch        type          undress       vomit         wait          wave          
wedgie        wetwilly      wewt          whap          whatever      whimper       
whine         whip          whistle       wiggle        wince         wink          
wonder        worry         worship       wrap          wrestle       wrist         
wtf           wussie        yae           yawn          yeehaw        yodel         
yowl          zerbert       italian       meow

Socials can be used with or without an argument. Let's use the 'peer' social as an example. If I type 'peer' with no argument, I get:

You peer around yourself intently.

If I type it with a player's name as an argument, I get:

peer keelatofu
You peer intently at Keelatofu.

Keelatofu sees:
Alecca peers intently at you.

The room sees:
Alecca peers intently at Keelatofu.

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