Solennir Giant

From time to time, the city of Solennir is besieged by a fearsome giant. He must either be killed or he will eventually leave from being too bored.

It is recommended that a group of 5-6 heroes fight him. He holds a random forge chunk and the Belt of Giant Strength.

Type:        [armor]
Level:       [101]
Wear flags:  [take waist]
Extra flags: [magic !locate burnproof !uncurse quest]
Material:    [none]
Weight:      [90]
Cost:        [1000000]
Short desc:  [Belt of Giant Strength]
Long desc:   [A great belt made from the hair of a giant has been enchanted with powerful magic.]
Affect:      [   0] saves -7        
Affect:      [   1] hitroll +40        
Affect:      [   2] damroll +40        
Affect:      [   3] armor_class -50       
Affect:      [   4] strength +8         
Affect:      [   5] hit +500       
[v0] Ac pierce       [40]
[v1] Ac bash         [40]
[v2] Ac slash        [40]
[v3] Ac exotic       [40]
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