Spell List
Ablution Holy
Abomination Mental
Acid Blast Acid
Acid Breath Acid
Animate Dead Summons undead charmies to help you fight
Apocalypse Other chance to blind, slow, curse, or faerie fire
Armor AC
Awen HR/DR
Azhan's Affliction Other
Backfire Energy
Bacterium Iron
Bat Form Res Magic; Sanctuary; Vuln Holy; Vuln Fire; Vuln Air; Int; Wis
Bear Spirit Str; Dex
Black Death Disease
Black Metal Slash
Blasphemy Negative
Blast Fire
Bless Saves
Blight Disease
Blindness Other
Blister Fire
Blitzkrieg Earth
Blood Sand Earth
Bloodshield Saves
Bloody Tears Mental Blindness
Bluster Air
Breach Other
Calcination Earth
Call Hounds creates a charmie to fight with you
Calm Holy
Catalyst Energy
Cause Critical Negative
Cause Light Negative
Cause Serious Negative
Cause Wounds Negative
Caustic Blast Acid
Chain Lightning Lightning
Change Sex Other
Charm Person Makes opponent follow you, can order opponent to do stuff
Chickory Fire Fire
Chill of Despair Mental jab affect
Chill Touch Cold
Chromatic Salvo chance to do the following damages: fire, cold, lightning, acid, negative, holy, energy, mental, disease, drowning, light, shadow, sound, earth, silver, iron, air, wood, poison, other
Clod Earth
Clumsify HR; DR; AC
Combat Mind HR/DR
Combust Fire
Conflagration Fire
Corrupt Blade Puts rotting flag on a weapon
Cracks Call Earth
Creepy Crawlies Negative
Crimson Hand Energy
Crimson Mandrake Poison
Cripple Mental
Crushing Force Energy
Crystal Cloak Saves
Curse Negative
Cyclone Air Area attack
Danau's Blessing Mana, AC
Dancing Flames Fire
Dark Flames of Hell Fire Area attack
Darkblessing HR/DR
Dazzle Lightning
Deathgrip Negative
Debilitate Other
Demonfire Negative
Demonic Aura Shields: Fire, ice, shock, prismatic
Demonic Rage HR/DR
Devil's Curse Negative
Devotion Saves
Disease Cloud Disease
Disorient Mental
Dispel Evil Holy
Dispel Good ?
Dispel Magic Other
Dissolving Arrow Acid
Doom Negative HR; DR
Doombolt Negative
Dragon Strength HR/DR; AC; Str; Dex;
Ebola Disease
Eddie Drowning
Ego Whip Mental
Elemental Armor Shield: water, fire, air, earth
Embalm Preserve dead limbs
Embers Earth; Fire Move
Enchant Armor AC
Enchant Weapon HR/DR
Energy Drain Negative
Ensnare removes fly, affects flee
Erosion Drowning or Earth Drowning if in water area; Earth if in non-water area
Ether Orb Fire
Faerie Fire AC
Fear Mental Can force an opponent to flee
Feeblemind Negative
Fire Breath Fire
Fire Elixir creates potion with haste, windwall, bless, fireshield
Fireball Fire
Flair Charisma
Flamestrike Holy
Fog of War removes farsight, gives blindness
Forestfold Wood Can only be cast in forest
Fortune Luck
Fountain of Youth heals hp/mana/move
Frailty Other
Freeze Cold Area attack
Frenzy HR/DR; AC
Frost Breath Cold
Gas Breath Poison
Glacial Spike Cold
Gleaming Arrow Light
Glitterdust Energy
Golden Armor AC
Guardian Winds Reduce damage
Hand of Dust Negative
Harm Negative
Harrowing Negative or Other Chance to affect dex, luck, charisma, int, wis, mana, hp; or affects EVERYONE with dam_other
Haunt Other Creates a stream of mobs to attack your opponent
Heart Flutter Other
Heat Metal Fire
Heatwave Air
Hellfire shield
Heresy HR/DR; Saves
Hex Saves
Holy Champion HR/DR
Holy Shield AC
Holy Word Energy
Illusions Mental HR
Implosion Other
Inferno Flames Shield: Hp, AC, HR, DR, Mana
Inflict Pain Mental
Iron Shard Iron
Iron Spikes Iron
Ironskin AC
Jolt Sound
Kaboom Iron Pirate mobs only
Languished Hand Negative AC
Lava Golem creates a charmie to fight with you
Lead Scythe Iron
Leech Swarm Negative
Lethargy Other
Lightning Bolt Lightning
Lightning Breath Lightning
Lion Spirit Hp; Str; Int; Wis; Dex; Con
Living Armor AC
Lungfire Fire
Maggot Swarm Negative
Magic Fist straight damage
Magic Missile Energy
Major Rune Ward AC
Malaise Dex; Str; Wis; Con; Int; HR; DR
Meteor Fire
Midnight Sun Light
Mind Bar Saves
Mind Probe Shows you the hp, mana, move of your opponent
Mind Thrust Mental
Mindtwister Mental
Minor Globe Fireshield, Shockshield, Iceshield, Acidshield, Prismaticshield, Shadowshield
Mist Form Res Weapon; Vuln Magic; Dex; Size Tiny
Nature's Embrace AC
Nightfall Removes light sources
Nimble Mind Dex; HR/DR; Saves; AC
Oohlala (Imm only) acid blast; curse; blindness; weaken; poison; plague; slow; malaise
Orb of Flesh Poison
Overgrowth Wood
Owl Spirit Int; Wis
Pestilence Disease
Petrify Other
Phoenix Fire Fire
Piety Saves
Poison Poison
Poison Cloud Poison Area attack
Possession Saves
Power of One damage reduction
Power Word Blind Allows you to blind your opponent
Power Word Invuln Allows you to cast this on yourself and receive reduced damage
Power Word Silence Allows you to cast this spell on your opponent who can not cast for its duration
Power Word Stun Allows you to cast this spell and stun opponent once
Powersurge Energy
Pox Disease
Project Force Energy
Protection Evil Saves
Protection Good Saves
Protection Neutral Saves
Psionic Blast Mental
Psychic Drain Mental
Psychic Thrust Mental
Psychic Venom Poison
Quicksand Earth; Drowning Area attack
Rapture Steals opponents sanctuary
Ray of Truth Holy
Reckoning Light
Rift Bash
Riptide Drowning
Rot Flesh Disease
Sanctuary Saves
Sanctum Healing bed
Sands of Sleep Area sleep attack
Sandstorm Air
Sassafrass Bark Wood
Scarab Swarm Negative Curse
Shadow Scythe Shadow
Shadowfire Shadow
Shatter Drowning Breaks objects
Shell AC; Saves
Shield AC
Shocking Grasp Lightning
Shocking Sphere Lightning
Shrapnel Iron
Skeleton Form Res Magic; Res Slash; Vuln Bash; Vuln Holy; Dex; Con; Ultravision; Size Huge
Skull Sacrifice Gives you a perm boost to mana or movement
Slam Other
Slow Other
Smokescreen HR
Snakebite Poison
Sonic Wave Sound
Souldrain Negative
Soulfire Negative
Spark Lightning Area attack
Spectral Hand Other
Spellfire Energy
Stone Arrow Earth
Stone Skin AC
Tangling Thorn Wood
Thunderbolt Lightning
Timestop Other
Tombrot Disease
Tower of Iron Will AC
True Pain Mental
Typhoon Air
Undead Grasp Other
Vaporize Drowning
Vortex Fire, Energy, Negative, or Bash
Vulture Swarms Slash Poison, Ebola, Dex
Ward AC
Ward of Healing Regeneration
Waterlog Dex; Slow
Weaken Other
Wildfire fire effect
Wind of Death Poison
Windsheer Air
Windwall AC, Sanctuary
Winter Frost Cold
Wither Negative
Wolf Form Res Bash; Res Pierce; Vuln Silver; Str; Con Size Giant
Wolf Spirit HR/DR
Wooden Splinters Wood
Wrath of the Demonloards Negative
Zen AC

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