Staves List
Name Level Spell/Spell Level Charges Area/Mob General Directions
Burnt Staff 10 blindness/10 4/4 Elysium/Arien Cravenwood nd11nuwn
Burnt Staff 10 blindness/10 4/4 Solennir/Magixian 2en
Gypsy Love Staff 70 vitality/80 2/2 Gypsy Camp/Vima 9es4e3sw4s
Healing Staff 70 mass healing/70 10/10 Drow Fortress/Mist Controller
Oak Staff 75 chain lightning/75 8/8 Drow Fortress/Drow Priestess nd11nu4ese2se10ne9n3eu3wu3ws
Staff of Drowning 50 typhoon/50 3/30 Zodiac/Pisces
Staff of Lightning 1 lightning bolt/25 5/5 StormPeak/Staff Maker 10sw4se5se3s3unw3nw3ne
Storm Staff 61 lightning bolt/73 10/10 Ice Battlements/Shaman or Ice Dragon 10sw4se2s4es2e2ue4se4wn

Updated 6/4/16

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