-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Stormpeak ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Many years ago, before the Battle of The Seven and the Devil, there 
existed a city in the mountains of the North.  This city was built very 
high up, close to the very peaks of the mountains, so high up that from 
the city gates you could very far into the South.  Almost all the major 
cities of the world could be seen from here, even the city of Solennir.  
Over the years this city high in the peaks of the mountains thrived, until 
the Great Battle took place.  Because of the energies used in the battle all 
of the weather patterns of the world were changed.  This caused the moutains 
upon which the city was built to be surrounded by very powerful storms.  
Even now to this very day the mountains and the city are embroiled in 
powerful storms.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Stormpeak ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: 1-30               Builder: Alecca

From Solennir: 10sw5se4se3s

Portal:  sdws
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