Suspended Kingdom
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ The Suspended Kingdom ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
People in this kingdom worship the Authority.  He is their deity, and
because of their beliefs, he has unending power over them.  If anyone
challenges the Authority, he or she is sought out as a heretic to be
imprisoned in the extensive dungeons of the castle that is the Authority's
kingdom.  Outside of the kingdom, the Authority has many enemies because of
his power - people wish to steal it.  Because of this, his kingdom lays in
secret.  Except that it doesn't lay - it floats.  Hundreds of angels -
beings of pure energy, seraphim - beat their wings in unison while holding
the lowest part of the castle, causing it to hover in midair.  They move
slowly, but constantly, keeping the whereabouts of the kingdom a secret.  
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ The Suspended Kingdom ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: 60-Hero           Builder: Epitafio & Raistlen

From Solennir: su

Portal:  sd2nw
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