<=Soulbane=> Gloom/Shadow Ironmountain Keep Hidden in rooms "Treasure Chamber" and "Hidden Treasure Room" 30/30 -1 120/0/0 Str +2; Con +2 Flaming Sharp Shocking
Bamboo Practice Sword Sliver/Wood Bangzui Gardens Wang Gao 100/50 -5 AC -33 Twohanded 9wn2wnw3nw2nw9n2w3n
Blade of the Berzerker Wrath/Energy Thieves Bazaar Bandit Merchant 33/33 1 Str +5; Berserk Flaming Vorpal Jinx 9esenend2n3e2n
Bonzai Gadget Pierce/Pierce Bangzui Gardens Ho Kai Ming 30/30 Osmosis Depletion Fatigue 9w,n2w,n,w3n,w2n,w6n,e
Bright Sword Shocking Bite/Lightning Tramont Personal Guard 32/33 200/0/0 AC -15; Dex +2; Str +2 Frost Shocking Obfuscate 8w2sw2sw2s2wnw2d3nu3nu
Cloak Blade Freezing Bite/Cold Enchanted Forest Dark Druid, Relak 20/20 -2 Frost Vorpal Obfuscate anti-evil 9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw2esws3enene3s4enw3n
Deafening Scream of Malacoda Screech/Sound SeveN SinS WratH 80/80 -2 200/0/0 Dex +3 Twohanded Vampiric Sharp Flaming 9wn2wnwn2wndw4nu2nw
Deathblade Drain/Negative Tramont Tramont Guard 30/25 -2 100/100/0 Flaming Vorpal Shocking 8w2sw2sw2s2wnw
Duty's Sword Flame/Fire Xarahad Beyld 25/25 -2 50/50/0 Flaming Sharp Vorpal Anti-Evil Anti-Neutral 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11n2uwn
Excalibur Digestion/Acid Lyonesse Lady of the Lake 33/33 150/0/0 Str +1 Vampiric Vorpal Shocking Weight 40 9es5e2n2eswses2wse4se5s7en5e2nd
Gramercy Crymercy Shivers/Cold Chaos Vale Mary Scheeno Cherry 100/100 -2 300/0/0 Twohanded Frost Shocking Rotting Vampiric
Greatsword Harmattan/Air Eysium Steelforger 25/25 -3 nd11nu4wn
Greatsword Harmattan/Air Solennir Apprentice Weaponsmith 25/25 -3 3en
Gucynian Sword Adamantite/Iron Gucynia Basturn's Guard, Yreonry; Alaerka, Feryl 20/30 -2 250/0/0 Str +2; Con +2 Flaming Vampiric Sharp 9w2ne8n13e9n4e
GutRipper Electrocution/Lightning Ironmountain Keep Grazkhul Ironclaw 20/33 -2 200/0/0 Str +2; Con +2 Sharp Shocking Osmosis
Honed Blade Sting/Pierce Gucynia Maddry 30/30 -2 0/300/0 Cha +1; Luc +2 Rotting Light Osmosis 9w2ne8n9en2e
Howling Sword Windstorm/Air Realm of the Fallen Depressed Soul 33/33 -2 Str +3 Sharp Rotting Obfuscate 8w2sw2sw2s3e2nw2nu3w3n3es2w
Jagged Bone Sword Thwack/Bash Ruins of Hrathis Krox 15/15 300/0/0 AC -15 Wpoison Rotting Light 8w2sw2sw11s2esenenes
Kurst's Honor Justice/Holy Connect Connect "Honorable Soul" and "Tempered Steel" 33/33 200/0/0 Str +4 Sharp Vorpal Light
Legacy of Paine Acidic Bite/Acid Connect Connect "Silver Blade" and "Ornate Pommel" 100/100 -2 200/0/0 AC -50 Twohanded Frost Depletion Shocking
Moonsilver Dai-klaive Forge forged item
Ocrist Knots/Wood Orc Tower Hidden in room "Turret of the Western Tower" 10% drop rate 25/25 225/0/0 AC -33 Frost Sharp Shocking 10sw4se5se3s3u2en4e2u2w2u2eu2w
RuneSword named "Genocide" Atrophy/Disease Forgotten Temple Ambrosius 20/20 -1 AC -25 Flaming Shocking Rotting 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w8sw6sw
RuneSword named "HellFire" Flame/Fire Demonicum Duke Hellfire 33/33 -1 200/0/0 Flaming Wpoison Sharp
Scimitar of Foul Water Torrent/Drowning The Isles Undead Captain Blackbeard 25/25 -3 225/0/0 Shocking Wpoison Rotting
Screaming Sword Howl/Sound Tramont Tramont Guard 30/33 150/100 Str +3 Frost Sharp Acidic 8w2sw2sw2s2wnw2d
Sharpened Sword Slash/Slash Elysium Wizened Shopkeeper 20/20 -1 100/100/0 Flaming Sharp nd11nu3wse
Swashbuckler Cutlass Slash/Slash The Isles Captain Amos Trask 30/30 125/0/0 AC -10 Sharp Shocking Wpoison
Sword inscribed "Wailing Winds" Wails/Sound Northern Tundra Rahat'Mun tribal father 33/33 -2 300/0/0 Frost Sharp Osmosis nd11nu4es3wesw2n
Sword named "Gradius" Thwack/Bash Bandit Merchant 70/70 -4 200/0/0 Str +4 Twohanded Wpoison Light Obfuscate 9esenend2n3e2n
Sword named "Lumnius" Silver/Silver Enchanted Forest Nymph or Elven Ranger 30/30 200/0/0 Str +2; Con +2 Shocking Rotting Light 9es5e2ne3nenwswnenwnw3es
Sword of Justice Divine/Holy Forgotten Temple Sar'a 100/100 -2 350/0/0 Wis +2; Str +2 Twohanded Vorpal Frost Light Rotting 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w8sw6sws
Sword of No Name Slice/Slash Ogre Brothers Quest Connect Right and Left Halves of "Ancient Relic of Swords" 33/33 -1 300/0/0 Dex +2 Flaming Sharp Rotting
Violet Moon Blade Eclipse/Shadow Nocturne Keep Violate Moon Initiate, Ciran 30/30 300/0/0 Str +3 Flaming Shocking Exhaustion
White Lie Insanity/Mental Xarahad Ras 25/25 200/100/0 Str +3 Flaming Jinx Obfuscate 9w2nw3nwne2n3w2nw6ne11nw

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