Syntax: telekinesis <ability> <target>

Telekinesis, the power to move objects with one's mind. As with
Electrokinesis and Pyrokinesis, it is divided into four abilities.

(Slam)              With a powerful force a mystic can throw opponents
                    to the ground, stunning them for a short amount of

(Ballistic attack)  Using this attack will turn any loose inanimate
                    object into a deadly projectile.

(Metalstorm)        Similar to ballistic attack, this ability will
                    slice opponents with shards of razor sharp metal
                    and debris.

(Wall)              When a fight seems futile, a mystic often utilizes
                    this desperate technique.  An unseen hand will 
                    will literally push an opponent into another room,
                    allowing the mystic to flee to safety.


Classes and levels for telekinesis:
mystic      : 50  seer        : 30
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