Training And Practicing



       train hp
       train mana
       train move
TRAIN increases either your hit points, mana, or movements. When you start the game, your character already has standard attributes based on race, as well as several initial training sessions. You can increase your attributes by using these sessions at your trainer. 

You can find your trainer 2swn from Market Square.



       practice <skill/spell>
       practice all (allows you to practice all the skills/spells you can at one time)
PRACTICE without an argument tells you your current ability level in all the skills and spells available to you. You can check this anywhere. 

PRACTICE with an argument practice that skill or spell. Your learning percentage varies from 0% (unlearned) to a maximum between 80% and 100%. depending on your class. You must be at a guild master to practice. 

PRACTICE > number will show all skill/spells that are practiced equal to or greater than that number. For example, 'prac > 90' will show just skills/spells that are 90% or above. 

PRACTICE < number will show all the skills/spells that are practiced equal to or less than that number. For example 'prac < 50' will show just skills/spells that are 50% or less. 

PRACTICE = number will show all skills/spells at that exact % only. For example, 'prac = 100' will show all your skills/spells that are practiced to 100%. 

PRACFULL <skill/spell> will practice a skill/spell to its limit in one command, and show you how many practices you use on that skill. 

The higher your intelligence, the more you will learn at each practice session. The higher your wisdom, the more practice sessions you will have each time you gain a level. Unused sessions are saved until you do use them.
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