Troll Kingdom
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Troll Kingdom ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Trolls...a plague to this world, servants of the Dark lord which created 
them eons ago.  The rumors have spread now to Solennir that a new troll 
king has come to claim the land near the mountains as his own, that can 
only mean hard times and bloodshed for the rest of the population. The 
rumors speak of a defiled shrine of the old dwarfen ancestors. Do you dare 
find out if the rumors are true or if it's just farmers gossip about dark 
shapes moving in the night.
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=[ Troll Kingdom ]=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Level Range: 1-30           Builder: Shade

From Solennir: 10sw5se4se3s3uw16nw2nes

Portal:  sdws
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