Two Handers

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>Hope<*Crusher*> Torment/Negative Demonicum Tauftamir axe 100/100 500/175/0 AC -100 Twohanded Vampiric Shocking Rotting vorpal
Aveera's Rapid-Fire Bow Tornado/Air Connect Connect "Bow Spring" and "Recurved Bow" makes "Spring Recurved Bow"; Connect "Bowstring Bracket" and "Reinforced Bowstring" makes "Bracketed Bowstring"; connect "Spring Recurved Bow" and "Bracketed Bowstring" Exotics 50/20 450/0/0 Dex +3; Haste Twohanded Sharp Vorpal Light
Baals Lash Rage/Energy Lost Ruins Captain of the Undead Guard whip 100/100 -4 250/0/0 Passdoor; Regeneration Twohanded Sharp Frost Shocking osmosis
Bamboo Practice Sword Sliver/Wood Bangzui Gardens Wang Gao sword 100/50 -5 AC -33 Twohanded
Barbelo's Massive Axe Cleave/Slash Nocturne Keep Barbelo axe 40/40 -3 300/0/0 Str +1 Twohanded Frost wpoison Light sharp
Boarding Pike Cold Steel/Iron The Isles Frustrated Pirate polearm 100/100 200/250/0 AC -30 Twohanded Shocking Rotting Sharp Accursed
Boulder-Tipped Stick Boulder/Earth Thunderbeast Mountains Boulder-Wallop Grollub mace 100/100 -3 300/0/0 Dex +2; Str +3 Twohanded Wpoison Obfuscate Earth
Bow and Arrow Pierce/Pierce FairyTale Prince Charming Exotics 25/25 300/200/0 Twohanded Earth Accursed Obfuscate
Corrupted Mind Mindblast/Mental SeveN SinS Master of [SiN] axe 80/110 -4 350/0/0 Str +5 Twohanded Vampiric Flaming Wpoison vorpal
Dark Embers Gloom/Shadow Karlero's Caverns In room "Below the Caverns" flail 100/100 -3 200/0/0 Wis +2 Twohanded Vampiric Shocking Exhaustion Depletion
Deafening Scream of Malacoda Screech/Sound SeveN SinS WratH sword 80/80 -2 200/0/0 Dex +3 Twohanded Vampiric Sharp Flaming
Dislodged Tree Timber/Wood Fortress Weathered Old Man whip 100/100 -3 150/0/0 Twohanded Flaming sharp Rotting obfuscate
Dwarf Forged Axe named "Might" Might/Energy Lost Hold of Kholem Renk Ghaz Perturbed Centurion axe 100/100 -4 400/0/0 Wis +2; Int +2 Twohanded Sharp Vorpal Flaming
Dwarven Spear Rage/Energy Lost Hold of Kholem Renk Ghaz Perturbed Centurion spear 100/100 -1 200/0/0 AC -30 Twohanded wpoison rotting frost vampiric
Dwarven Tetra-mace Thwack/Bash Lost Hold of Kholem Renk Ghaz Perplexed Centurion mace 100/100 -2 150/150/0 Twohanded Rotting vorpal shocking light
Flail of Atonement Divine/Holy Church of Llewellyn Administrator of the Church flail 100/100 -2 150/150/0 Wis +4 Twohanded Sharp Frost Light
Flail of the Undead Guardian Ray/Light Lost Ruins Graveyard Guardian flail 100/100 -1 350/0/0 Twohanded Shocking Light Sharp Accursed
Glaive of Brilliance Thrust/Pierce Elysium Wizened Shopkeeper polearm 40/40 -2 200/200/0 Twohanded Sharp Light
Gramercy Crymercy Shivers/Cold Chaos Vale Mary Scheeno Cherry sword 100/100 -2 300/0/0 Twohanded Frost Shocking Rotting vampiric
Guardsmans Halberd Dissonance/Sound Gucynia Gucynian Soldier; Gucynian Patrolman, Addredd polearm 100/100 -4 400/400/0 Con +2 Twohanded Sharp Rotting obfuscate wpoison
Gucynian Axe Slash/Slash Gucynia Gucynian Guard axe 100/100 -4 Con +4; Cha +4 Twohanded Vorpal Light Earth
Hunting Spear Shard/Earth Chronos Prehistoric Man spear 100/100 -2 250/0/0 Str +2; Wis +2 Twohanded Shocking Wpoison Light
Inferno Polearm Pyre/Fire Chronos Massive Dust Particle polearm 100/100 -4 200/100/0 Int +3 Twohanded Flaming Rotting Jinx
Lance of Oblivion Impalement/Pierce Ogre Brothers Quest Connect Left and Right Halves of "Ancient Relic of Two-Handed Spears" spear 100/100 -3 350/400/0 Str +2; Wis +2 Twohanded Sharp Flaming Fatigue Vampiric
Large Ornate Cross Mercury/Silver Fortress Simple Monk flail 100/100 -5 150 Str +5 Twohanded Frost Vampiric vorpal light
Large Warclub named 'Strife' Blemish/Disease Gucynia Wandering Mystic mace 85/95 -2 200/0/0 AC -25 Twohanded Shocking Rotting Flaming Depletion
Lash of the Dwarves Whip/Slash Lost Hold of Kholem Renk Ghaz Puzzled Centurion whip 100/100 150/0/0 Str +2 Twohanded Wpoison Light Fatigue
Legacy of Paine Acidic Bite/Acid Connect Connect "Silver Blade" and "Ornate Pommel" sword 100/100 -2 200/0/0 AC -50 Twohanded Frost Depletion Shocking sharp
Longbow named 'Ixit' Jolt/Lightning Nocturne Keep Knight Archer Exotics 50/45 -3 350/0/0 Dex +3 Twohanded Vorpal Shocking Obfuscate
Mace of Mist Spray/Drowning Thieves Bazaar Bandit Merchant mace 60/60 -4 200/0/0 Int +4 Twohanded Exhaustion Depletion Fatigue
Mind Warper Discombobulation/Mental Lake Minterpia Statue of an Ancient Hero mace 100/100 -1 150/150/0 Str +2 Twohanded Sharp Frost Rotting vampiric
Oozey Spear Ooze/Acid Lake Minterpia Statue of an Ancient Hero spear 100/100 -2 250/0/0 Dex +1; Str +3 Twohanded Shocking Wpoison Rotting
Pillow Charge/Bash FairyTale Sleepy mace 100/100 -3 100/0/0 Str +4 Twohanded Vorpal vampiric Accursed frost
Pitchfork Amp/Lightning Nocturne Keep Stable Boy polearm 100/100 -3 350/0/0 Str +3 Twohanded sharp wpoison Light flaming
Polearm of the Firestarter Inferno/Fire Lake Minterpia Statue of an Ancient Hero polearm 100/100 -2 150/150/0 Str +2 Twohanded Flaming Vopal Shocking accursed
Sarim's Caustic Spear Slime/Acid Realm of the Fallen Depressed Soul spear 100/100 -3 220/0/0 Wis +5 Twohanded Vorpal Shocking Accursed
Silver Mace Silver|/Silver|~ Lost Ruins Undead Patrol mace 90/90 0/250/0 Twohanded Sharp Vorpal Frost light
Staff of Destruction Electrocution/Lightning Enchanted Forest Large Bat polearm 100/100 -3 250/0/0 Twohanded Vorpal Depletion Shocking
Staff of Rust Drowning/Drowning Demonicum Ymnir Iceheart polearm 100/100 -5 350/0/0 AC -30 Twohanded Shocking Acidic Rotting
Sword named "Gradius" Thwack/Bash Bandit Merchant sword 70/70 -4 200/0/0 Str +4 Twohanded Wpoison Light Obfuscate
Sword of Justice Divine/Holy Forgotten Temple Sar'a sword 100/100 -2 350/0/0 Wis +2; Str +2 Twohanded Vorpal Frost Light rotting
Treant's Arm Wrath/Energy Temple of the Divine Treant mace -1 500/0/0 Twohanded Shocking Wpoison Rotting
Two-Handed Axe Iron Maiden/Iron Xarahad Qudre axe 100/100 100/0/0 Str +4; Dex +2; Berserk; Faerie Fire Twohanded Vampiric Sharp Flaming
Twohanded Polearm Draft/Air Tramont Noble polearm 100/100 225/0/0 Dex -2 Twohanded Vorpal Vampiric sharp
Verdant Streamer Shard/Earth Nocturne Keep Knight Archer Exotics 50/40 -3 350/0/0 Str +3; Dex +3 Twohanded flaming accursed Earth sharp
Water Bucket Spray/Drowning Fortress Gruffy Old Man Exotics 100/100 -3 Twohanded Sharp Shocking Rotting frost
Wisps of Death Draft/Air Hive of Festyance Festyance whip 100/100 -3 275/0/0 Twohanded Shocking Wpoison Obfuscate rotting

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