Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

This page is dedicated to pasting the newsletter that is posted following the weekly staff meeting of Immortals. If you have any questions regarding the direction or decisions made by the staff, please note or send tell to Julian.

Hey team!

This week looks productive! Last week we kicked major ass so my thanks go
out to the entire staff for all their hard work. Seriously, you have all 
put in a lot of sweat in the last two weeks and you should all be very
proud of yourselves. This is not a blanket statement, this is my genuine heartfelt
gratitude for everyone's diligence and hard work.

First, here are the updated tasklists for both teams:


Moving forward, I will be meeting with the current team leads
in order to maintain efficiency throughout the week.
Otherwise, the teams - now that they have been properly formed
and tasklists are now in full effect, -ALL- work should be coming
from these lists. If you have a project you would like to work on
please get it on the tasklist via bringing it up during a regular staff meeting.
This will be essential in properly allocating resources for our efficiency.

With that in mind, these notes following the updates of meeting notes
will largely address major pushes for each team as a final rally call
and method of visibility for all staff members.

Programming: Largely now that stability issues have calmed down,
the team will move on to other gameplay maintenance. In the future once
the tasklist dies down (as it is quite large currently) they will 
be moving on to bigger ticket items such as design and rebalance tasks.

Development: Last week the team saw much firefighting as vnums were migrated
and area files were merged. Now that this has been amalgamated for the most part,
we will continute to play whack a mole with issues as they arrive with mob/wloc bugs.
Additionally, there are several projects in the works by the lead builder,
Roland, as well as design projects from Nevalis regarding potions, new wFlag
itemization (which means look out for new weapons!) and new levelling
area from Teitiach.

Have a good week and see you in MS, bitches!

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