Apron String Shocking Bite/Lightning Bangzui Gardens Wang Gao 30/30 -2 300/0/200 Shocking Wpoison Depletion 9wn2wnw3nw2nw9n2w3n
Baals Lash Rage/Energy Lost Ruins Captain of the Undead Guard 100/100 -4 250/0/0 Passdoor Twohanded Sharp Frost Shocking Osmosis
Backlash Insanity/Mental Demonicum Khurun 25/25 -3 220/220/0 Vampiric Shocking Obfuscate
Barbed Lash Shadow/Shadow Forgotten Temple The Hunter 20/20 -3 100/0/0 10sw4se5se3s3uws2w8s2wsws
Barbed Whip Screech/Sound Nocturne Keep Lieutenant Pelgrin 30/30 -2 300/0/0 Dex +1 Frost Vampiric Sharp
Beesting Contaminant/Poison Giant Tulip Bee 20/10 -2 250/250/0 Int +2; Cha +2; Wis +2 Flaming Vampiric Shocking 8e2n2en17u2w10u
Cat O Nine Tails Spark/Lightning Fortress Domineering Faerie 25/25 -2 150/0/150 Exhaustion Shocking Sharp Obfuscate 9es3e2ne2n2e4ne2ne
Dislodged Tree Timber/Wood Fortress Weathered Old Man 100/100 -3 150/0/0 Twohanded Flaming Sharp Rotting
Feather Whip Terra/Earth Shady Breezes Park Afflack 30/30 -2 150/140/0 Vorpal Shocking Wpoison 9es5e2n11e4nen
Flexible Tree Branch Sliver/Wood Shrouded Forests of Exzrican Treetrop Groundskeeper 30/30 -3 250/100/100 Wis +2 Vorpal Shocking Light
Kelvix's Deadly Lash Drain/Negative Connect Connect "Lizards Tail" and "Razor Sharp Thorns" 33/33 -3 300/0/0 Str +3 Vampiric Vorpal Accursed
Lash of Deceit Venom/Poison Ogre Brothers Quest Connect Left and Right Halves of "Ancient Relic of Whips" 33/33 -1 250/250/0 Int +2; Str +2 Vorpal Shocking Earth
Lash of the Dwarves Whip/Slash Lost Hold of Kholem Renk Ghaz Puzzled Centurion 100/100 150/0/0 Str +2 Twohanded Wpoison Light Fatigue 10sw4se5se3s3uws2en3en4ene2se2dw10sw
Lash of Torture Shriek/Sound Plains of Nether Creepy Crawlie 25/25 200/0/0 Vorpal Shocking Rotting 9wn2wd2wn4d3wn
Lash of Venom Venom/Poison Thieves Bazaar Bandit Merchant 30/30 -2 150/0/0 Con +3 Wpoison Osmosis 9esenend2n3e2n
Lash of Writhing Maggots Defilement/Negative Lake Minterpia Statue of an Ancient Hero 20/20 250/250/0 Str +1; Dex +1 Frost Wpoison Earth 10sw4se5se3s3uws4ese8n2e3d4ne
Nefarious Cat o'Nine Tails Malady/Disease Black Pyramid Risen Dead; Greater Mummy; Luthalian Necromancer; etc 28/28 -2 100/0/0 Flaming Frost Vampiric nd11nu6esn4wuneu2d4endn
Obsidian Stinger Sting/Pierce The Zodiac Obsidian Scorpio 33/33 -3 300/0/0 AC -15 Vampiric Sharp Accursed
Rune-Etched Whip Whip/Slash Elysium Wizened Shopkeeper 20/20 -1 100/100/0 Osmosis Accursed nd11nu3wse
Sacred Whip of Ice Hallow Poison/Poison Ice Hallow Priest of Ice Hallo 30/30 -2 Luc +1; Cha +1; Con +1 Flaming Accursed Exhaustion nd11nu4es3wesw2ne4ne2nwne
Serrated Whip Eclipse/Shadow Elysium Steelforger 25/25 -3 nd11nu4wn
Serrated Whip Eclipse/Shadow Solennir Apprentice Weaponsmith 25/25/ -3 3en
Steel-Chain Whip Whip/Slash Forge forged item
Syphon Tongue Suction/Negative Realm of the Fallen Realm-Master 25/25 200/150/0 Flaming Vampiric Accursed
Wisps of Death Draft/Air Hive of Festyance Festyance 100/100 -3 275/0/0 Twohanded Shocking Wpoison Obfuscate Rotting 6n2wd3n

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