You begin in Solennir.
In order to reach areas outside of Solennir, one must first recall temple.
From there, go south to Town Center, then go south and down to enter the Catacombs — the location the enclave set up the portals.

Portal Locations:
[[This is a rough outline and will be cleaned up. -teitiach]]

wn: orc tower, sprite village, atlantis
ws: ice hallow, stormpeak, troll kingdom
2wn: yrarl, karlero, bihran
2ws: jurassis, gryphon aviary, gaonnan gulf
3wn: castle keep, oppidus noctum, lyonesse
3ws: gypsy, drow fortress, forest of horrors
4wn: fortress, bugbear lair, prison
4ws: merith’s parlor, shrine of lexan, shady breeze’s park

en: lake minterpia, Avalon, swampland
es: Lost hold, frozen moon, hive
2en: temple of divine, tara, gnome factory
2es: fairytale, delirium, merral
3en: blackcrag, decadence, ocean
3es: thousand oaks, automaton, shrine of ushgah
4en: desert wastelands, ice battlements, northern tundra
4es: thunderbeast, trillium, shrouded forest

nw: giant tulip, black pyramid, seven sins
ne: forgotten temple, church of llewelyn, crystallis
2nw: effeminate dwarf, ruins of hrathis, suspended kingdom
2ne: adares, enchanted forest, thieves bazaar
3nw: zodiac, chronos, gucynia
3ne: chaos vale, plains of nether, ironmountain keep
4nw: LR, demonicum, Sherwood
4ne: tundra, tramont, xarahad

sw: bangzui, rotf, isles
se: northern prairie

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